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  1. Wow nice job! I'll be trying some of my fist brew this weekend. I hope it turns out as well! Cheers!
  2. I think I'm way low on the bitterness so am now looking at Northern Brewer hops, half oz for 50 - 60 min and then a cascade for the last 5 min. The Kolsch yeast is an activator package that seems to be a semi decent substitute california Lager yeast. Califoria commis (aka Steam beer) uses Lager yeast while fermenting at Ale temperatures. I'm going for a super size Mr. Beer of 2.5 gallons. Thanks for the advice on the hops I'm thinking the same thing.
  3. So I found a whole foods in NJ over the weekend with a modest homebrew section. I picked up a couple of things without really planning and now I am thinking about what to do with them. I got a pound of carapils and a couple of pounds (bulk) crystal 80L malt, a pound of golden light DME and some Irish moss. So I am thinking of the following for a california common beer. 2 cans Pale export UME .5 pound carapils .5 pound crystal malt 80L .25 oz Willamette hops and 1 tsp irish moss 20 minutes .25 oz Willamette hops 5 minutes 1 kolsch Lager Liquid Yeast I'm not totally sure on the hops or yeast this is just what I have on hand. I can place an order for different yeast and or hops if you guys think it will turn ugly. Thoughts?
  4. Okay I very gently rocked it and moved it closer to a heater vent. We'll see if that helps. No LHBS close by so if all else fails it will be online/amazon to the rescue. Thanks for the tips! Next brew will use Safale-05 so less worries on the low 60's temps. ~Cheers
  5. I'm getting worried about my Jamaica mon. I think my fermentation may be stalled. Its been doing its thing for about 2.5 weeks at about 64 degrees. OG was 1.050 at 70 degrees 2.25 gallons (bottom of the Q) pitches 2 packets of fromunda. Its been sitting at 1.020 for 2 days at as I said about 64 degrees. I think this abv is about 3.2% if I figured it out right. Everything I read said the FG should be close to 1.010 and an abv of about 5.0% on the upside the sample tasted really good, but still cloudy. Nice flat full bodied beer taste, a little sweet but no cider finish. Oh and the first 48 hours I had a thick churning krausen and I have a good 1/4 inch of trub. Any ideas? I'm planning to just bottle it this weekend.
  6. True on the soda bottles Jacylrin. I buy a 6 or 12 of each Sam Adams Seasonal so I have a couple of cases of the leftover bottles. If I didnt I'd go with plastic soda bottles no problem. Dave, Thanks, it worked well so I'll continue breaking at least part of my batch down into 12 oz. glass. Cheers
  7. Thanks Jeff. I do know myself so the "samplers" were required. When I bottle my next batch this weekend I'll be going to a six pack of 12 oz and the rest in the PET liters. I like the size of the liter and was afraid of bottle bombs on my first batch. I had the glass bottles carbing in a plastic bomb shelter. I'm sure I'll move to 50/50 liter and 12 oz glass eventually. right now I have about 2 cases of good bottles that were full of free beer. Cheers!
  8. So life totally got in the way this weekend and my shiny new 2nd LBK remains empty. My Jamaica Mon is fermenting away and will be ready to bottle this weekend. FG is sitting at 1.016 right now. I think it will make it to 1.012 or so (Saturday was day 14). Now onto the Wisdom of the borg. My WCPA has been in the bottle for 14 days and since I didn't get to brew this weekend I figured a 12 oz for research purposes was ok. The advice I have read here said "wait the full 4 weeks" and others said "go ahead its your beer but it will be green" My fermentation temps have been 62 - 66. Well it was LIGHTLY carbonated and the cider finish was very apparent; totally green. Drinkable, but I'm really glad it wasn't a liter. On the upside I know this would happen so I bottled 7 liters in PET bottles that came with the kit and got 3 more into 12 glass. The moral of this story is the collective it always right, but its your beer do what you want. ~Cheers!
  9. The Perfect Pint on 3rd has an awesome tap selection too. I'm up for a Manhattan meetup. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll collect the ingredients and report back on brew day! Cheers!
  11. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it! I'll give it a try in the next couple of weeks and report back! Oh and thanks for the clarification on not boiling the UME with the booster, I would have boiled it no doubt. And I don't expect it to taste exactly like Stella as I said I am just aiming for something close in the style. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks mashani I'll give it a try. I can't lager yet as I cant keep the temp that steady and low so I'll go with the ale yeast option. I think I can manage a hop boil and if not... well you live and learn. Cheers!
  13. I'd settle for a cousin using Mr B ingredients. Anyone made a recipe like that and said "hmmm kinda tastes like Stella". It's my wife's favorite beer and I thought might make my next mr beer delivery a little easier for her to take. Thanks!!!
  14. No experience with this yet so good luck and let us know how it turns out. Fwiw I do vote this as the thread title of the month it really cracked me up.
  15. I'm a new brewer and just bottled my first batch of wcpa using coopers drops. 2 for each 1 liter and 1 for each 12 oz glass bottle. So far so good.
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