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  1. It is a lbk size batch. Its been fermenting for a week and the gravity reading is 1.022. the recipe was simple 3.3 lbs LME - Breiss Golden light 1 oz hallartau hops split in 1/2 oz sacks. 15 minute hop boil with 1/2 os hops 7 minute lme hop boil with the remaining 1/2 oz hops. 6 grams of basic ale yeast. Based on the last gravity reading it seems I may need more yeast as it already seems done and inactive. I plan on letting it go for another 2 weeks fermenting. Again. Any help would be great...the reading says I need 11.5 grams of yeast and this stuff I had just does not seem to be real active anymore..... :chug: Chance
  2. :cheers: I had a begining gravity reading of 1.055. I THOUGHT I had enough yeast when only had 1/2. I pitched 6 grams of basic dry ale yeast when it calls for more. Probem: the nearest store is over an hour away, I tried calling and ordering online and it will be too long before it gets here. Do I need more yeast? If I get it later can it be ok to pitch more later than 48 hours? Any info will help Chance :smash:
  3. What would be a good choice of hops for a golden lighter beer? Anytime I think of cascade, I am thinking too much amber ale ish and considering new ideas would be apriciated :cheers: Chance
  4. :borg: I just brewed up some spicy christmas ale. Even though it technically is an ale, can I condition in the fridge or would it be better conditioned at room temperature? ANYONE with experience with this brew or one similars response would be great....I am hoping I can wait the whole 2 months minimum asked for conditioning ti :laugh: :drinking: me Chance
  5. Does Mr. Beer take pay pal on the web site?
  6. It actually is working fine.....my first time using the liquid yeast. yes, the package did expand but not fully which on the package said is and was fine. The yeast did not smell bad at all when I pitched it......so I may have been blessed to have saved it before to long:) :cheers: :stout: :woohoo:
  7. If I had known that, I would have paid that after I paiad 40 for the recioe with shipping........Ill contact Mr> Beer tmmrw. There seems to be trub on the bottom. Just still seems pretty dead compared to other brews in the past...so maybe its ok....will see
  8. It has been 24 hours since I added the yeast to the wort to...forgot to add that
  9. Hello fellow brewers. I ordered the new MUNICH MONSTER and brewed yesterday. When I recieved my package, (I LIVE IN THE DESERT) all the entire contents including the liquid yeast package were very HOT from temp outside. Concerned I immediatly put them in the fridge for an hour. Do you think that it may have killed the yeast? I have never used liquid yeast before and after following the directions of popping the bag inside and letting it sit for 12 hours before adding to the wort. It just seems dead inside the wort. Its the Mr. Beer Keg and with no co2 monitor....its hard to tell if it is brewing. It looks like all the yeast is just sitting at the bottom doing nothing. HOW DO I TELL IF IT IS DEAD? Should I go ahead and add dry brewers yeast or wait it out? Any help would ROCK! :cheers:
  10. I went ahead and ordered the munich monster recipe...it looks good and the reviews are great
  11. BTW....I have brewed over 20 different recipies so I am still kinda new but know how to get r done :stout: :gulp:
  12. Can anyone share some ideas for a great Oktoberfest recipe. I was just thinking of doubling up on Mr. Beer HME's. But then, I wanted to ask you pros out there. I was asked to brew some to be ready for the season. I really want to impress. Any help would be GREAT :cheers:
  13. thanks...I will do it as you posted...thanks for your response :cheers: Ill share my gravity readings and share how it turns out :barman:
  14. Docniel wrote: I was going to use Safe Brew S-33 and leave it in the LBK for the full three weeks. If your thinking of a specific yeast that you would recommend? Yeah Copper's ale yeast. I'll have look at that. S-33 is good....coopers is a step up from the yeast mr.beer uses...depending on the recipe
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