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  1. sickfish


    Thank you sir. Brewing tonite needed a quik answer thanks
  2. sickfish


    When should I add Ginger to the wart? Should it be at flame out or during the boil?
  3. Thank you guys I will do just that. Thanks again :chug:
  4. It is down in the basement which is around 57. How would I do this rest? :dry:
  5. I brewed the imp. pils. just like the instructions said. How long should it be fermenting in the LBK? It has been in there for 24 days.
  6. Cool I thought you were going to breww today
  7. Just asking. Do you have enough time for a beer that is expected for March? :dry:
  8. I hear a shot glass of really cheap Vodka works.
  9. I have been harvesting Sam Adams Alpine spring bottles and the labels almost falls off after just touching plain water.
  10. You should be fine. I have two batches in the LBKs One is Gingers Castaway and the other is Firecraker red and both are at 62-64 and both are doing well and frementing.
  11. sickfish


    Thanks guys I'm planning to brew Gingers castaway ale. I think I should be able to keep it at 62-64.
  12. sickfish


    I know it's ale yeast but what kind and are the temp requirments really what they say? this is the stuff from under the lid. :gulp:
  13. I have a elect. temp gauge taped to the side it is at 72 right now. I will be able to ferment at 55 - 61 for the next month.
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