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  1. I wont buy any of those beers but I will tell you ill drink them if they are free!!!!! :cheers:
  2. welcome to the :borg: hope you dont get hooked like the rest of us...............but its way more fun and cheap compared to collecting stamps
  3. I stir only because im fidgety and a tinkerer(if thats a word)and its never effected my beer yet. :gulp:
  4. I dont have one but I do refrigeration for a living, and it is much cheaper to figure out how to build it yourself. Plus at the end of the day its better using something you made vs something you bought :barman:
  5. I think it may be a wild yeast strain in the beer. I have heard about what you are describing. If it puckers you up that bad beer and cheddar soup will warm you up and retain your beer.
  6. I somehow have avoided a boilover, I know its like falling off a bike everyone does it.
  7. today marks the first bottle day I have had in almost 4 months my pipeline has dwindled to nothing. I have two batches to bottle, and its going to take awhile. I am even missing church to get it done.
  8. welcome to the borg :borg: even though your a vet(ish)
  9. So a guy I work with has given me a homebrew, but its not just any other hand crafted awesome tasting beer. He has made especially for me to enjoy on a cool fall night while enjoying a cigar and a movie or something like that. I just dont think I can wait that long. :gulp:
  10. your right you have a problem, you need someone to test them to make sure they are good enough for you to drink. I will give you my address, you send me some and ill give you my results.
  11. I am thinking either an ipa or some other lawn mower beer. Opinions please
  12. welcome to the :borg: if you need help tasting new beer, you can mail me some and I will tell you if its good or not. But be warned it may take one or two bottles for me to be absolutly sure.
  13. haha joe maybe you need to see a cardiologist..................that way you can get a script for beer
  14. I must say at first it tasted like burnt coffee and I despised it. I actually took another sip and loved it. I think this whole trying new beer out is working well for me. So far I havent found one I havent liked yet. I am yet to try a real stout though. :cheers:
  15. good job on making beer!!!! :stout:
  16. I celebrated yestarday because I cant today
  17. im in on an exchange I was going to do one with gwcr, after our collaboration brew. But we never reconnected. If anyone wants to exchange pm me.
  18. perhaps you should send it to a lab to make sure its good. My home address is ........er um the lab address is..........
  19. I have never done it, but you should let us know how it turns out
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