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  1. I've also heard if you use a No-Rinse sanitizer it contains oxygen so if you soak your caps, it saturates them to the point of no longer working.

    Not sure if that's true as I don't know the chemistry behind the caps or the sanitizer but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. :)

    I'm also on the boat that perhaps they conditioned a tad too cool and haven't fully carbonated. Maybe warm them up for a week or 2 and see?

  2. Glad its working out for you Phil! :)

    Mine came out strong as well, not quite 10% but high!

    My wife needed to mix hers with some Sprite, etc to dilute the alcohol a bit. :)

    Next time I make it I'm going to do half to 3/4 the sugar and perhaps put some of the concentrate in at 2 weeks in to try to hang onto the fruit flavor a bit more.

    Good Luck! :)

  3. Try putting the pot half off and half on the burner.

    Turn the heat down some so its not a raging boil.

    Whisk, Whisk, Whisk!

    Thats what I do when the hot break seems to never end.

    My first time using DME I had the same problem, just kept boiling and foaming.

    Tried combinations of the above tricks subsequently for my batches going forward and I can usually tame the foaming hot break beast. :)

    Good Luck! :cheers:

  4. conditioning/carbing should be done at room temp.

    So yes take those ones out of the fridge and let them warm up to room temp and sit for a few weeks. :)

    Haze could be just the trub floating around. But without know what you brewed hard to say.

  5. I've got 2 batches conditioning.

    My Skywalker Whiny Wheat and my Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder IPA.

    I've seen several posts saying IPAs and Wheats are best when drank young that they lose their hops aroma/flavor or taste the older they get.

    BUT by young is that right after the 4 weeks carb/conditioning OR is it less than 4 weeks, like at 2 or 3 weeks in?

    Any advice would be great guys! :) Thanks! :cheers:

  6. "gbryant" post=335859 said:

    #31 Exp. Pale Ale:
    The description is dill, jolly rancher, passion fruit, cocoa coconut, stone fruit, peach and vanilla. It is listed as EXP 6300

    This is a hell of a combination of flavors in 1 hop! Would love to try that beer when you were done. ;)

  7. Hey guys I think it would be cool to share our 2013 Recipe Collaboration stories.

    (Thanks again Dave for putting it together this year!)

    We can discuss what the pairs have come up with, styles, clones, original recipes, etc.

    Touch base on new techniques and processes we've tried.

    And once the beers have done their time in their LBKs we of course can share how they TASTE! :gulp: :banana: :banana:


    Brewin Bull and I are trying our hands at a Red Ale.

    I've never done one before and it sounded like a great idea!

    We bounced a recipe back and forth and settled on something we both like and feel we can do well.

    It involves using no MB ingredients instead were using 2 different types of DME.

    We're also steeping some different Crystals and Carapils. A first for both of us. :)

    We're doing our own hops boil with both Amarillo and Cascade hops.

    Over all we're both really excited about it and I think we are both planning on getting this one in the LBK sometime next month.

    What are you guys working on? :cheers:

  8. The MB instructions are really there for marketing purposes.

    HAVE BEER IN 14 DAYS! It's a great tag line BUT will it be beer you'll love..probably not.

    By giving it 3 weeks in the LBK it allows the yeast to clean up after themselves some.

    By giving the bottles 4 weeks to condition at room temps it allows them all to carbonate evenly and fully and allows the flavors to mingle.

    It also allows any off flavors work themselves out. :)

  9. I'm not sure where you read clarity=no yeast.

    Yeast are microscopic and even clear beer has TONs of yeast floating around inside.

    I'd suggest using the 3-4 method a lot of us use.

    Let your beer ferment in the LBK for 3 weeks. Then bottle and let sit at room temp for 4 weeks before popping one in the fridge for a day or 2 and enjoy! :)

    Welcome aboard! :cheers:

  10. works wonders. I brew, bottle and then rinse out with luke warm water to get all the trub, etc out. Once it's as clean as I can rinse it I put about a 1/2 - 3/4 scoop of Oxiclean Free into the LBK, add luke warm water until it volcanos out the top and let it sit overnight.

    It seems to dissolve and breakup the stuck on krausen and gunk REALLY well.

    Then several good rinses with water and an air dry and I'm good to go for another round!


  11. I am sorry about the loss of your LBK. Mr. Beer has good customer service. They may be able to do something about the keg.

    As for the beer hopefully it's not a lost cause. If the crack wasn't gushing when you bottled then maybe it sealed up (with dried beer/wort) when it first leaked keeping the inside contamination free.

    My advice is to let it bottle condition 4 weeks and try one. Hopefully you'll be ok and dodge a bullet.

    Good Luck!

  12. "FedoraDave" post=324685 said:

    I find that asking if a beer is good is like asking if a song is good. What I like may not be what you like. Everyone is different in their likes and dislikes. What I've learned about beer is that, while tastes are subjective, and what I like or don't like doesn't impact another person's likes or dislikes, I can still recognize a well-crafted beer.

    Or a good beer recipe, in this case. My feeling is that all of the Mr. Beer refills and recipes make good beer. Whether a person likes them or not can't be quantified.


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