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  1. Mind you, I'm not going to be experimenting anytime in the near future with this type of thing. I want to learn what the straight out of the kit beers taste like before I been tweaking. I also want to gain experience and confidence as a brewer before I get all "Mad Scientist" on it
  2. A question to the Borg from a newbie still waiting on getting his first LBK. I've been trying to read all the helpful posts on the forum (just found the coconut porter thread, so going to try that!) However I have come across a few mentions of adding flavored vodka, plain vodka used to steap oak cubes, pecans, etc, armarillo or other flavored liquors to the LBK. I know vodka can be used in the airlock on bigger rigs, but these mentioned using vodka in the keg itself. Total newbie question but can you do that? Does adding a finished product like vodka add to much alcohol to the keg and cause the yeast to hit their tolerance level and die too soon to convert the sugar? I'd imagine you'd add the liquor after the first 2 weeks so maybe that's not an issue (thinking out loud) but will it affect carbination? Does the flavor of the liquors really add to the finished brew? How much would you add? Would it thin out the final brew too much? Have my eye on the Chocolate Covered Cherries recipe on MB's site for my wife, she hates beer trying to convert , and thought maybe adding a Whipped Cream Vodka would add something to the taste/aftertaste, but I don't want to mess it up. And another total newbie question, we've all heard the old saying "beer before liquor, never sicker". Would alcohol brewed from malt and/or booster (beer) be compatable with liquor brewed from say potatos (vodka?). Just thought I'd throw that out there to the borg! Thanks Guys! Brew On!
  3. An Excel spreadsheet sounds like a great idea! As well as a dedicated calander for beer brewing. I'll have to annex a shelf in my stair storage area for beer city Keep the suggestions coming guys! Thanks! Elsteve-o, I got my image off Google and you can select lower image sizes that will upload. As for a pic off a digital camera, for example, any type of photo software, or even the pic viewer in windows should let you save for web, which lowers the file size and/or dimension size.
  4. Hi all! I have a quick question regarding storage. I know I'm getting the Mr. Beer kit for Christmas this year (SO HARD TO WAIT!) and I'm trying to do my homework before hand. I tried searching the forum but probably just missed this. How do you guys store your bottles (either PET plastic ones or glass) while they are conditioning? Is there special racks to get, or any suggestions from the experts? I'd imagine the more you have in the pipeline the harder it is to remember how long each has been conditioning, how much longer a batch needs to go, what's in each bottle at a glance, etc. I'm planning on keeping a journal of my beer adventures, especially for recipies I've tried, tastes, conditioning times, etc. I'd appreated any suggestions Thanks Guys!
  5. Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm really getting excited to try my hand at this. Been eyeing several MB recipies online, but will take Dave's advice and go slow at first, learning the basics. Thanks Guys!
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm just taking the time to thank everyone for their valuable advise peppered throughout this forum. I too will soon be joining you in the adventure that is home brew. For too long I've eyed the LBK and this year OUT and OUT requested it for my family's Christmas gift exchange. So I'm trying to do my homework before it arrives. I've learned SO much from reading your guys' posts already. A few jewels I've already jotted down include: * Good beer takes LONGER than 14 days to make * Clean start (read sanatize) = Great finish (read good beer) * Tilt the LBK to prevent the spigut from cloging upon bottling * Keep the LBK in the right confort zone for temp while working it's voodoo * Oxygen is beer's enemy AFTER pitching the yeast (good before) * Time heals all beers (well almost all beers) * Cold Crash for clarity before bottling * Condition, Condition, Condition * Avoid bumping ABV by adding adjuncts, chase flavor not ABV * Don't over bottle prime, or you'll create beer bombs * Have patience, if all else fails, you've still made beer I'll keep reading but wanted to say thanks again for making me feel not so green before I even start! A few notes about me: I grew up a MGD man, although had a fling with Icehouse beers when they were popular in the late 90's early 2000's. In college I was NOT part of the quantity over quality group that drank Natural Light (no offense to fans of this beer, just not to my liking) I'm not a huge fan of extrememly bitter or coating mouthfeel beers. I like a smooth beer, without a horrible smack your face alcohol bite, clean finish and usualy some sweet, citrus, fruit flavors. Not terribly happy with commercial big bottler beers, so I'm really looking forward to crafting my own signature beer (eventually after going slow, learning the ropes) that both me and my wife can enjoy along with friends. A LHBS opened near me not too long ago, will have to venture in and say hello to those guys. Hope to be around a long time and get to know eveyone. Thanks! - Dan
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