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  1. So to sort of revive a topic. Here is my planned recipe for an American Ale 2# Amber DME . 5# Crystal 40L (steep 20 min @ 150-165°) 0. 5 oz Galena @ 30 min 2. 0 oz Hop Dust @ 10 min 0. 5 oz Galena Dry Hop 5 Days Guessing process woukd be Steep in 1 gallon water at desired temp Remove grain Disolve DME Bring to boil Add hop on schedule Cool add to LBK with 1 gallon water already in top to 8 quarts Pitch yeast at correct temp Then 3-3-3 Everything seem in order?
  2. Yea meant to put .250 lb of crystal 40L thats what I have in QBrew. Right now my hop schedule is: 0.5oz Galena 30 minutes 2.0oz Hop Dust 20 minutes 0.5oz Galena Dry Hop Gives me IBU around 60. I have the hop dust at 4.0% AAU Should I estimate the hop dust higher. I don't mind a really hoppy beer.
  3. So I ended finding a deal I couldn't pass up on some galena hops. $1.00 for an ounce free shipping. Figured I could add it. Not sure what to do as a hop boil now though. Any suggestions. Just to repost, I have the following ingredients: 2 lbs. of Sparkling Amber DME 1 lbs. of Crystal 40L Grain (Steeped) 2 oz. of Magic Dust Hops for Austin Homebrew Supply 1 oz. of Galena T-90 Hops 1 unit of US-33 Safbrew I plan to use 0.5 lbs of the Crystal 40L unless someone can persuade with a better judgement. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. haha yea yall had a good year, still nice to have all those years of SEC dominance and national championships. Maybe we can have a better year next season. Im thinking about just experimenting with and seeing how it goes. Never hurts to try and for around $25 shipping and all you can't beat it.
  5. What would happen if I use 1/2 lb or 1/4 lb Crystal 40L and 2 lb DME. It throws off all QBrew calculations but what do the experts say
  6. What will happen if I do use the full 1 lb of crystal 40L. This is going to be my house ale. It was around $25 total price and something that I plan to tweak and have fun with in the future. Cheap to brew, will pretty much be the fridge filler. Will it taste bad or not come out good, I figure it will be quite malty but Im hoping with the extra hops it could balance that right? Or am I way off track, still a Newb but trying to soak up the info best I can. QBrew and BeerCalculus give me correct results for an American Amber Ale. I was able to save about the cost of shipping by doing the hop dust save it was nice. Original plan was to use pellets but couldn't pass it up, and like I said earlier I like the idea of not knowing how it will come out will it be bitter, will it have heavy aroma or flavor. Definitely makes it a one of a kind beer.
  7. Have a plan for next brew but unsure on some details War Eagle Auburn Ale 2# Amber DME 1# crystal 40l steeped in 1.25 quarts water for 30-45 min at 150-165° 0.5oz hop dust 60 min 0.5oz hop dust 20 min 1 oz. Hop dust dryhop 5-7 days Safbrew s-33 11.5g Primary 3 bottle 6 Fridge 1 Making 2.13 gallons in Mr.B LBK. My questions are is my steeping water correct amount/temp/time. How to hit target volume all boiled or put 4 quarts chilled water in LBK and boil to rest. I know issues with hopdust but I like the mystery aspect of it and the idea that it is virtually impossible to recreate. Plus I'm a cheap bastard and it $0.69 an ounce. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated
  8. I agree with you on the point about the recipes being under $25, but remember you have to add $7.95 flat rate shipping. So that bumps it up to $33 right there. Im not saying Im not going to spend money, just want to keep control on what I spend.
  9. It was plugged into beer calculus. Everything was good for an American IPA. No dont have anything else. Just what i will order. Im trying to keep my costs down. I had thought of steeping grains. Is there anywhere that lays out the brewing with dry extract process and also steeping grains process. Still very new but as much as i enjoyed using the mr b cans it would be more fun to have a little more control. Also those things seem a little high priced. Probably shouldnt say that. Lol
  10. Does this recipe make sense, Im new still and this seems like it would work but I'm sure I have missed something in here. Fermentables: 3 lbs of Breiss Amber DME 43 PPG SRM 10 Hops: 60 min: 0.5 oz Columbus 20 min: 0.5 oz Columbus 10 min: 0.5 oz Cascade DryHop: 0.5 oz Cascade Yeast: Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast Im trying to decide between this or slight mod to the ADIPA with a similar hop schedule to this. Im a little budget constrained at the moment so the first one I figured I could do for about 18-20. I believe if not cheaper.
  11. First of all thanks for all of the info from everyone it is helping alot. Even the wife cant argue with 75 cents a beer. :woohoo: I guess my next question now would be what are the approximate times associated with each style. I think Im leaning more towards using dme and hops but Im unsure on the process. Do I just boil the water add the dme and then hop boil? Still a newbie at this but I am a Biologist by degree and work in an engineering job so needless to say I like to get in depth on things. I enjoy the Mr. B cans for the ease of use but would like to do a little more to make it eventually getting to all grain setup.
  12. Unfortunately here in Alabama our laws suck and the closest LHBS is about 1 1/2 hours away not that convenient. No not really fond of the flat rate shipping cost. lol. but it is what it is and is nice for large orders. Hopefully our laws will be changing soon but for the meantime I'm still looking for a good alternative. Plus I have to start slow so I can get the wife on board with my new addicition She doesn't understand the fun of brewing your own beer when it winds up being close to the same cost as buying it at the store.
  13. Wondering if there was any advice for brewing on a budget. I have read people spending under $10 to brew a mr beer sized batch. I have really enjoyed brewing so far, but am having trouble justifying the money (I can be a little tight with my money) as I have bills to pay and such that that money could go to. Right now my plan is to brew just a few times a year. Unfortunately after one batch, im addicted, enough said right? I love IPAs and Amber Ales so anything in that alley would be great. Thanks
  14. so going commando hops are fine with Pellet hops, would Cascades be the best for this batch or something else? Im going to be using pellets this time (First real brew of my choice, only ever done WCPA+booster)
  15. I think that is where Im going to start, then go from there on tweaking. Should I use a muslin hop sack to dry hop or just toss them in there as is
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