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  1. I measured as if using regular sugar. I was just wondering if the brown sugar was going to add to the flavor and if it would carbonate properly.
  2. secondary fermentation,...carbonation,...taste, Is it a good idea or am I fixing to cause a massive explosion in my neighborhood and kill 100's of people?
  3. Has anyone ever used brown sugar instead of regular sugar for the secondary fermentation process? I'm making the witty monk and thought "what the hell, i'll try it in one bottle and see what happens".
  4. UPDATE: WITTY MONK Started the second fermentation process yesterday. The locking spigot and wand combo was WONDERFUL!!! If you don't have one, you should get one. Added "BROWN SUGAR" to one bottle to see what it would do. Might work, Might not....
  5. Bottling day TODAY!!! I'm going to let it set for three weeks and chill for another week. I CAN"T WAIT!!!!
  6. I have ALOT of trub. I thought maybe I didn't stir it up enough after I put in the yeast. Hell I don't know...I'm new at this....thank God there's a bar down the street if this doesn't work!!!...lol
  7. I'm doing the witty monk. I followed the instructions to a "T", but I'm a little concerned about the yeast. It's at a constant 72 degrees right now but I'm not getting a lot of "bubbles" floating on top. Does it usually take a few days before that happens?
  8. Just brewed my first batch...WISH ME LUCK!!!!
  9. Mr. Beer has disconnected their locking spigot and wand combo set, does anyone have an extra set i could buy or does anyone know of another website I could get one?
  10. When it comes time to bottle. Is it best to bottle the way they said by tipping the bottle, or should I invest in a locking spigot and wand combo?
  11. Thank you, that was very helpful.
  12. After pouring in my "wort" and adding cold water. the mixture has to be a certain temp before adding my yeast, what should I do if the temp of my mixture is to cold? what is the proper technique for raising the water temp?
  13. Please excuse my ignorance, as I am new to this. I am having trouble understanding "HME","UME", and "BOOSTER" when making two gallons, do you have to use two cans of either HME or UME and can you use "BOOSTER" in any of the recipes? Or am I just asking a stupid question?
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