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  1. Been sitting for 6 weeks? Just bottle 'em first. It's not hard to do and bottles are easier to move.
  2. I actually don't have it myself. I just figured the if he could by one for less than he could build it why make the effort?
  3. http://www.homebrewing.org/product.asp?itemid=2734&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ProductAds&gclid=CPSD07jf6bwCFYpaMgod_RYAmw
  4. Are those cracks? Or are they marks from flaws in the mold?
  5. Using the capper on standard twist-off glass beer bottles is a bad idea. The caps do not secure properly to the threads and you run the risk of chipping threads or breaking the bottle. While I have heard of a very few people using twist-off bottles I just don't think it is worth the risk. Also, I have never used a wing type capper. I don't know if they will even work on that type of bottle.
  6. Sorry. Didn't mean to step on any toes. But I figured if I could answer a question I should. Who knows when another one I know the answer to will come along.
  7. Those marks are explained in many places on the internet. Most claim they are marked for alcohol measuring. But I have seen other explanations. Not sure how accurate the measures are or what the truth of their intended use is.
  8. I have been using my tap water with no issues. I do have a filter on the the water line.
  9. My first Mr Beer batch was like that. Way over carbonated. Let it condition longer for the flavor but just remember to use less sugar next time.
  10. I have never sanitized the capper. I keep the caps in a dish of sanitizer while I'm bottling. Fill a bottle, place a cap in it and press it down in the capper. Never had an issue.
  11. Sounds like you are making beer. Your temps should be fine. I certainly wouldn't concern myself about it. And as RickBeer said, as long as you kept things clean and sanitized you should have no problem with infection.
  12. The nice thing about buying your bottles with beer in them is they are already tested for the purpose.
  13. Hey look! Beer Porn! Congratulations on your first beer. Hope it'll be the first of many.
  14. The ability to search the forums is a great thing. Lots of information can be found that way. But for many it helps to have an actual interacting conversation. I'd rather encourage questions by answering them than continually push the search feature. Sure, for some it's just a lazy way to find the answers. But for many it is a more interesting approach. Lets them get to know others and lets others get to know those asking.
  15. I like the 12 oz longnecks. But it is a personal preference.
  16. Well, thanks for the information and links. On the web there are many conflicting accounts of those using growlers to carb. Some claim never to have problems. Others never to have any luck. If Mr.B. growlers are built for it they should probably spell it out in the descriptions in the store. Personally? I'll stick to my long necks. It's just the right size for when I want only one and not to large when I want another.
  17. I was wondering about that. It doesn't say so in the description. I don't want to be a doubting Thomas, but could you site a source?
  18. Growers are usually not strong enough to bottle and carb in. You stand a chance of having them burst under the pressure.
  19. Sucks. Find a corner to put it away in and leave it alone for a while. You'll come back to it eventually.
  20. I use sugar and batch prime. But that is just my preference. The yeast is going to eat whatever form source of sugar you give it.
  21. The more fermentables used the stronger the beer. Use less fermentables and the yeast will produce less alcohol. However, the best advice is to chase the flavor, not the alcohol content.
  22. Patients is a key ingredient in good beer. Give it time to do it's thing and you'll be happy with the results. Use the wait time to read and learn and your future attempts will be even better. Happy Brewing!
  23. There is enough drama in my life already without adding emotional challenged brewing equipment.
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