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  1. I'll look into those Tap-A-Draft bottles...that might be a better idea. In the meantime, I could always just prime in 2L pepsi/coke pop bottles and then serve in the growler...
  2. Maybe this is something to ask the MR. Beer brew support? I really want to know if you can safely carb. in the growler because it would make for a great investment. I guess carb'n in the 2Litter bottles works just as well. How much sugar would you add to prime a 2L?
  3. I was interested in getting the growler and tap and my first question is, has anybody used it before? Does it work well? Next question, how much sugar do you add to efficiently prime the batch?
  4. Using 3 here! Helps to get them on good schedules so you can try your new beers in smaller windows!
  5. Awesome, thanks for all the replies everyone! I'll make sure to keep all that in mind!
  6. Bottled my first batch of west coast pale ale last week after leaving it in the fermentation keg for 2 weeks. Just now did a quick check on the bottles and they are almost rock hard, but I noticed a bit of yellow sediment on the bottom of each bottle. The last 3 bottles I bottled had the most...is this just the yeast settling at the botom of each beer? Normal? let me know and thanks for any replies!
  7. Thanks for the help and greetings everyone! I just finished my first batch of west coast pale ale! Real excited to bottle and I agree, I think they are the perfect size. Wish me luck!
  8. I just got a case of these bottles: http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/986/nm/1_2_Liter_Deluxe_Bottling_System_Qty_16_1 but the standard recipe for the west coast pale ale does not give instructions on how much sugar to use for the 1/2 liter bottles. I have this tool: http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/69/nm/Sugar_Measure_1 would I just use one scoop of the large side for each bottle or not? Please let me know, thanks!
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