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  1. WOW, i didnt notice the shadow at first either, nice work. I also really enjoy the hot carl beer name. i might have to steal that idea and make a cleavland steamer beer...
  2. I didnt name my first 2 but my 3rd (a chocolate, coffee, sticky twist) is called "Sverdrup!" and my first attemp at a gluter free beer, batch 4, is called "Christina Smash" its for my gf.
  3. Ahhh.....looking at the glory hole......good times
  4. I have a 5 gallon "carboy" that i bought at walmart for like $7 that i use for my fish tank. i was thinkning about buying another one of those. I bought it from the water filtration section so i know its food grade.
  5. thining of moving up to 5 gallon batches. Is it really worth spending the extra $60 for glass and a lot of extra weight and risk of breakage? what are the advantages of glass over pastic?
  6. well that is a muuuuch better technique, hindsight is 20/20. thanks, now I know for next time.
  7. This is a great idea, but I couldn't do it in my case. The brew I needed to bottle was a gluten free beer for my fionce. I am not using any of the same equipment as my brews for fear of cross contamination. I posted a follow up to what happened here in my post "super aeration"...sad story to tell....
  8. So as a follow up to my no auto siphon post..... I did the mouth suction methode...I know bad idea. I used a tube that had 1/2 in interior diameter...I know another bad idea. Thats the one I had because it fits around the MB spigot. The beer came out of this at a firehose rate... I must have spilled t least 1.5 beers. But the real problem is that I put A LOT of air into the liquid in the bottles that did get filled. As the liquid went in with such force it made lots of bubbles. I only ended up with 7 bottles of beer from a 1 gallon batch. BTW this was a gluten free brew and it ended up at 7% abv and pretty tasty other than the the fact that the alcohol isnt hidden at all. Just wondering if anybody else has had this happen?
  9. i almost bought that thing. i was there buying hosing and saw it. i didnt want to get it and risk mixing air into my brew.
  10. thanks for the advice guys...i think ill be mouthing it for now...autosiphon is an hours drive away. I plan on sucking then holding the vaccuum with my thumb and sanitizing the hose again then filling....best i can think of.
  11. so i have to bottle out of a 1 gallon carboy but i dont have an auto siphon. what is my best methode of extraction?
  12. I should have mentioned that. I used glass and a wing capper.... one night for example I had 2 bottles that were exactly the same (both red stripe) one hade beautiful head one had none but had decent carb. both glasses were clean and dry.....
  13. I would like to batch prime. i need to get an auto-siphon though...i knew i should have gotten one when i was at the home brew store.
  14. So my second batch tastes pretty darn good. WWW + HCCD. I am confused though. some of the bottles have a picture perfect head on them and others have zero. they all have bubbles coming up from the bottom but there is a huge difference in the head. I bottle primed them using screwys calc. I just dont get it....
  15. thats unfortunate.. I thought my abv would be higher but I guess 5% isnt too bad
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