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  1. WOW, i didnt notice the shadow at first either, nice work. I also really enjoy the hot carl beer name. i might have to steal that idea and make a cleavland steamer beer...
  2. I didnt name my first 2 but my 3rd (a chocolate, coffee, sticky twist) is called "Sverdrup!" and my first attemp at a gluter free beer, batch 4, is called "Christina Smash" its for my gf.
  3. Ahhh.....looking at the glory hole......good times
  4. I have a 5 gallon "carboy" that i bought at walmart for like $7 that i use for my fish tank. i was thinkning about buying another one of those. I bought it from the water filtration section so i know its food grade.
  5. thining of moving up to 5 gallon batches. Is it really worth spending the extra $60 for glass and a lot of extra weight and risk of breakage? what are the advantages of glass over pastic?
  6. well that is a muuuuch better technique, hindsight is 20/20. thanks, now I know for next time.
  7. This is a great idea, but I couldn't do it in my case. The brew I needed to bottle was a gluten free beer for my fionce. I am not using any of the same equipment as my brews for fear of cross contamination. I posted a follow up to what happened here in my post "super aeration"...sad story to tell....
  8. So as a follow up to my no auto siphon post..... I did the mouth suction methode...I know bad idea. I used a tube that had 1/2 in interior diameter...I know another bad idea. Thats the one I had because it fits around the MB spigot. The beer came out of this at a firehose rate... I must have spilled t least 1.5 beers. But the real problem is that I put A LOT of air into the liquid in the bottles that did get filled. As the liquid went in with such force it made lots of bubbles. I only ended up with 7 bottles of beer from a 1 gallon batch. BTW this was a gluten free brew and it ended up at 7% abv and pretty tasty other than the the fact that the alcohol isnt hidden at all. Just wondering if anybody else has had this happen?
  9. i almost bought that thing. i was there buying hosing and saw it. i didnt want to get it and risk mixing air into my brew.
  10. thanks for the advice guys...i think ill be mouthing it for now...autosiphon is an hours drive away. I plan on sucking then holding the vaccuum with my thumb and sanitizing the hose again then filling....best i can think of.
  11. so i have to bottle out of a 1 gallon carboy but i dont have an auto siphon. what is my best methode of extraction?
  12. I should have mentioned that. I used glass and a wing capper.... one night for example I had 2 bottles that were exactly the same (both red stripe) one hade beautiful head one had none but had decent carb. both glasses were clean and dry.....
  13. I would like to batch prime. i need to get an auto-siphon though...i knew i should have gotten one when i was at the home brew store.
  14. So my second batch tastes pretty darn good. WWW + HCCD. I am confused though. some of the bottles have a picture perfect head on them and others have zero. they all have bubbles coming up from the bottom but there is a huge difference in the head. I bottle primed them using screwys calc. I just dont get it....
  15. thats unfortunate.. I thought my abv would be higher but I guess 5% isnt too bad
  16. how would I go about estimating that from the ingredients? is it just from the atenuation(sp) of the yeast?
  17. thanks alot i had to pitch it fast cuz the wifey was ready for bed....
  18. can you put too much yeast in a batch? can I put a vile used for 5 gallom batches in my mr beer sized batch?
  19. I'm really not sure why that would happen. I just checked my new hydrometer and it is dead on so it isnt that. It was good local honey, doubt that has anything to do with it. Who knows?
  20. ok correction....I was being lazy and estimating the honey I used. It was actually 1/2 a pound. I just went and checked the bottle it came in. Does that sounds right for the size? Like I said, I was really winging it.
  21. Here's my take on SW. 2 cans SW HME .5 # of Dark DME .25 # maltodextrin .5 vial of white labs P004 Irish ale yeast ground cacao nibs OG= 1.050 FG= ??? Wish me luck. It smells REALLY malty and some chocolate notes.
  22. I was just winging it, I forgot to bring a recipe with me to the LHBS which isn't so local, its an hour away. So I just kinda threw this together. I figured I would start small and if it goes well I will ramp it up. Batch size= 1 gallon 1.5 # sorghum LME? extract? whatever you want to call it. 2 cups honey .5 package of Danstar windsor yeast .25 oz Mt. Hood Hops .5 oz dried sweet orange peel OG= 1.071 FG= ??? Wish me luck. It's already fermenting quite rapidly. It smells great. Hopefully soon my girlfriend will be able to enjoy good brew too.
  23. I just made a beer with the HCCD and WWW + orange zest and corriander. I tasted it at bottling and it was awesome. no conditioned taste yet.
  24. I had zero carb when i bottled in a screw top growler and i have seen posts that say that their growlers have exploded due to thin glass. bottle in growlers at your own risk.
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