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  1. As someone who has only brewed with Mr. beer recipes using the standard LBK and plastic bottles, what upgrade would you recommend for the biggest improvement? Bottling in glass bottles? Looking into batch priming? Temperature controlled fridge mod for consistent fermenting temps? Something else? Ps I did add a hydrometer and bottling wand to my tools recently but always looking to improve my brews.
  2. I’m not following the reasoning people are giving for not cold crashing before bottling. Airlock? Vodka? Are you all using something other than the LBK? I question Cold crashing in my home fridge due to all the different items in there and the possibility of contamination. Is this a valid concern? Worth adding a dedicated mini fridge just for this purpose? though the amount of $$ on a fridge vs the amount of extra beer obtained through cold crashing might not make the investment worth it?
  3. Thanks again for sharing your experience Shrike! Really appreciate it!!
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience Shrike!
  5. Thanks for the reply and help! I'll save the booster for another beer. Do these packs ever expire? p.s. Is your signature up to date? Curious to know your thoughts on the ChromosBeer. I'm usually a stout and porter guy, but my dad prefers lagers so I'm hoping this might be a beer that will satisfy us both
  6. So I made the CHROMOSBEER Black Lager yesterday, and I swear I followed the recipe but I somehow ended up with a whole extra pack of 2-Row Malt and an extra booster. Besides worring about the effects this will have on my lager, any idea what to do with these extras? I do have a Stick Wicket Oatmeal Stout & ST. PATRICK'S IRISH STOUT STANDARD REFILL waiting to be brewed. Any advice?
  7. I'm going to brew the "BREAKFAST STOUT EH" and in my kit I was supplied with Oak Chips, which I'm suppose to soak in syrup and bourbon. Doing some reading on other home brewing forums, I've read of people needing pre-soaking their oak chips in boiling water or even vodka or inexpensive bourbon, to get rid of the intense bitterness that oak chips can add to homebrew - they say its enough to ruin your beer! I would imagine the ones provided by Mr. Beer have been pre-treated and are ready to go? Or should I do some sort of pre-soak before using them? Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Made the CHROMOSBEER Black Lager yesterday and though I had the booster pulled aside and ready to go, I somehow forgot to add it during the brewing process! How important is the booster to this beer? Is there a way to add it a day later (brewed it on 2/7) without it messing up the beer? Or would it be best to let it go and save the booster for another beer? If its best to not use the booster now, I will have an extra. Can I use more than on booster pack in my next beer? Thanks in advance for your help and reply.
  9. Hello, In an effort to speed up my turnaround I would like to use a combo of the PET bottles that came with Mr. Beer and regular glass bottles with a capper. Seeing as how it seems bottles cost the same empty as they do full, I'd like to re-use full glass bottles from beer, like Trader Joes brand ($5.99 a 6 pack!) etc. Any suggestions on a specific capper that will work with used beer bottles? Are there different types of used beer bottles that will not work with cappers? I would LOVE a specific recommendation of capper & beer brand to buy that will be guaranteed to work, which I can then ask for as a Christmas present this year. :-) Any other necessary items like a bottle cleaning / drying system? Thanks in advanced for helping!
  10. Thank you so much for your post!! You have cleared up the confusion! As for time, I plan on keeping it in the fermenter for 2-3 weeks, and then bottle for at least a month before cracking one open. Does this seem fine for the Octoberfest?
  11. I'm thinking about brewing an Octoberfest (I know I'm a little late and read the FAQ here which is full of great information, in which I found this chart on Yeast strains for lager: http://www.onebeer.net/yeaststrains_lager.html I found an Octoberfest in the list and it says to "Atten." at 73% to 77% (what does this mean?) and Temp of 48° to 58° F, which I'm assuming is the temp I need to keep the beer while fermenting. However, I also read the Mr. beer manual, which states keep the beer with 68°-76° F. Which is correct? The manual also states that Lagers take longer to ferment then Ales. How much longer? I'm still torn on going for the Octoberfest (Lager) or the Witty Monky Witbier, which I dont know what type of beer it is, haha! Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. I LOVE dark beers, particularly stouts, so I'd like to give this one a go, especially if I cant get oatmeal stout anymore! Hopefully this one pops up on Amazon at some point. Mr. Beer shipping is EXPENSIVE!
  13. THANK YOU!! Will be calling them first thing tomorrow (already sent an email :-) So does this mean that the kits marked "archived" are really discontinued? Why?!
  14. SAY IT AIN'T SO! My FAVORITE Mr. Beer is no longer available for purchase?! Ok, so I must admit this was the first and only Mr. Beer I've brewed, but it was AMAZING!! By FAR the best beer I've EVER HAD!! PLEASE tell me this is just temporary!! If so, anyone know when it might be available again? If not, do you have any idea where I can get more?! In general, does this "Archiving" of beers happen often, and for what reason? I'm sure you can see my plight; being given the kit to make the best beer EVER, only to only have it taken away! Please help, Jon
  15. mashani wrote: Besides other factors of conditioning, carbonation does also change the taste. The more carbed a beer is, the more the perceived bitterness will be for example. A low carbed beer tastes different from the same beer carbed on the high side. Thats why various styles of beers are carbed at different levels. WOW! Interesting!! The Mr. Beer brew book says NOTHING about carbing for the style of beer! Is only for the size of the bottle. Is there a reference for this? Thanks guys! I'll for sure let it room condition for another month and try one again and see how much the taste has changed. Maybe that will be my routine every month.
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