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  1. Beer-lord wrote: Got 3 empty now mostly due to the very abnormal warm temps. I'll likely do 2 batches this weekend but it's not expected to get much cooler. I even had the A/C running Sunday. Don't recall doing that in January in a very long time. My vote is the same as FrozenInTime. A/C??!! What part of the tropics do you live in??
  2. I like the fact that you have to register for the "free gifts"! It's what brought me on-line to register my Mr. Beer kit and that's how I found this forum!! With-out the free gifts I'm sure I would have still found the forum eventually, but probably after I messed up my first batch!!
  3. well said! and for all of us newbies waiting on our first batch I think you made that seem even longer now, thanks!
  4. Thanks alot you guys! I figured there had to be something that someone had used before. I enjoy Leinies Summer Shandy and I have some friends that really like it. I don't want to make a clone, but a similar style beer would be what I am after. I think with a better ale beer with the hint of lemonade at the end could be alot better than the Leinies. And that's from someone in the heart of Leinenkugel's Country! Now to try and find True Lemon somewhere around here!?
  5. Yes, I have already read that and a couple other threads with the hard lemonade recipes. I'm looking more at a Shandy style beer. I have found some mention of it here and on another board, but no real mention in detail as to any real success by home brewers. I see you cant put it in right away as the flavor would be lost due to fermentation. And mixing with lemonade at bottling would be creating bottle bombs. (i believe) Just been interested in making something like this, if possible. I shall continue the R&D! I suppose I could just try to do the primer with one or two bottles at a later date just to see... "Not sure if it would work, many powder lemonade mixes use a mix of no-cal sweetners which are not fermentable." Not sure if I want it to ferment, but to just use the lemonade as primer for bottling, to maybe get that hint of lemonade.
  6. Definatly a noob question. I am thinking of beers that I will be doing (all basic MB batches) in the coming months, and for summer. I was wondering if priming with a powdered lemonade mix would work to carb, and if any of the taste would actually come through, or all be absorbed?
  7. And when you're in the area if your looking for some good eats, I know of a place that makes THE best burgers in this part of the state. (I also happen to tend & cook there) We have a few good beers too!
  8. Ah, yeah and not much to do that time a year in or around Barron on your spare time... And that would be a bit of a commute!
  9. Barron county, Barron, specifically. Wind River Brewing Company is the name of the place. Looks like they relocated from out of the Twin Cities area a few years back.
  10. I thought I was gonna have to order any and all of my brewing supplies on-line, being that I live NW Wisconsin (middle of no-where). But, to my suprise, I found out I have a supply store 2 miles from my house! I figured I would have to drive an hour to find anything like that. I plan to stop in this week to check it out, and hopefully get some goodies. :woohoo:
  11. Boiling the water sanitizes the pot, you're good to go!
  12. yankeedag wrote: another use for Oxyclean free? um, maybe not. lol, now that's funny!
  13. All good stuff guys, thanks again. I'm glad I found this forum, I think that for the lucky ones that find it (and use it) they are 10-15 batches ahead of the ones that just gotta plug along and learn from what they do. This is a great resource, better than the ones in the box. The first step in MB instructions should direct people to this forum! Now I'm off to some darts and some good, cheap beer!
  14. ...and if by "senior members", you mean old and fat - then you are very welcome. yup, I hope to be both someday...
  15. As a xmas newbie, I would like to thank all the senior members of this forum for all the great info. It has helped me and I'm sure many others. I'm glad I took the time to read all the info that is available here. I know that it will make my first brew that much better. It is nice to see how welcoming and helpful everyone is during this season. I can see how much your traffic goes up here from the "christmas rush." So once again, thanks, and when that first batch is ready, a toast to you!
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