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  1. How much cocoa did you add to the LBK?
  2. I'm not looking to bump it up, I'm just curious what it will be.
  3. I'm not using one. I thought someone might be able to give me a rough idea?
  4. I'm making a blueberry wheat with Bavarian Weissbier. I'm adding a 21 oz can of blueberry filling (like a pie filling). I purred it and put it in the LBK. This wheat beer is 3.7% ABV. Approximately what is it with the 21 oz can of blueberries added? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have to tell all three of you. We tried one bottle of this. It is not only good but it is very good. The wife loved it. It didn't have any kind of cidery taste. Just a good strawberry flavor.
  6. Honestly.....13 years ago I wouldn't have liked it either. Taste buds change.
  7. Last night I tried this. I did a few liters with a variation at bottling. This was regular sticky wicket oatmeal stout, all I did in the LBK was add two ounces of vanilla caramel whole coffee beans. At bottling I added 2 oz of brewed coffee per liter and half brown sugar, half honey. It was OUTSTANDING. This is by far the best brew I have made. I will be making this one again.
  8. I just did up a strawberry wheat for the wife for summer. Whispering wheat with booster, 1/4 cup of honey, a half cup of sugar and 2 cups of FRESH strawberries purred. How does that sound?
  9. It turned out VERY VERY GOOD. I would highly recommend it. Another thing I would recommend is adding jack Daniels to the bottle when carbing. It was stellar! My best brew. Very suttle JD flavor but outstanding.
  10. A cup? Wow, I only did 2 ounces and it has strong coffee aroma.
  11. I searched and couldn't find anything. I'm curious who has done it before? Someone? And how much did you use?
  12. I brewed up some stickey wicket oatmeal stout. I added 2 oz of carmel vanilla coffee beans to the LBK. Anyone ever try adding coffee beans in the fermenter? If you did how did it come out? I can say this...it SMELLED AWSOME! Thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. You say you boiled the water and then let it cool down so the mix didn't clump. It didn't clump at all? Did you gradually add the mix?
  14. I'm bottling my Pilot House Pilsner in a few days. I like to do a few variations when bottling. Anyone tried anything different with it that worked well? Maybe a little extract or something? Any different ideas are appreciated, thanks.
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