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  1. I did, it is in the warmest place in the house and wrapped in a blanket to keep it toasty.
  2. Third batch is going, doing a cider in the LGK and holy smokes is there action...it looks like a jaccuzi is running. I can't believe that little package of yeast has produced so much movement in the brew!!
  3. yankeedag wrote: got a water heater? Oddly enough, I don't, since I live in a big condo building.
  4. Lots of action in the LBK right now!
  5. I am not sure anyplace in my house is that warm right now, but there might be a spot in the laundry room that is close. I will park a digital thermometer in there and see where we are.
  6. Just got another batch in the LBK, Shameless Stout! Not sure it will be sufficiently conditioned by St. Patrick's Day, but it won't miss by much.
  7. TinMan, it is indeed pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I have to work this afternoon, but I am hoping to get another batch in the LBK this evening!!
  8. Just got done bottling. Did 19 days in the LBK and starting Thursday it was very clear, so I made the decision to go ahead. I tasted it and it was definitely beer, room temperature and flat, but beer nonetheless. My dog seemed to enjoy the little that splashed on the floor as well!! Based on advice here and some encouragement from my wife, will give it four weeks before I put one in the fridge and taste. Time to wash the LBK and brew again!
  9. I am very interested to hear how this turns out!! Please let us know how it comes out.
  10. It has been two weeks in the fermenter...just one to go until bottling!!
  11. My wife got me a Mr. Beer for Christmas and I brewed my first batch today. I made the Octoberfest Vienna Lager that came with the package and brewed precisely to the directions. I parked the keg in our guest bathroom which is the coolest in the house (~60 degrees). I inspected the keg about four hours after I made it and was very satisfied to see tiny bubbles rising and forming a krausen!! My plan is to ferment 14 days, bottle, wait 14 days and then 14 days in the fridge. Is that a pretty solid plan?
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