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  1. Woot woot! I'm from Provo and would go meet up with some of y'all of it can be arranged haha I would love to meet other local home brewers
  2. I did an Ale but had the same thing no activity for about a day and a half then out of nowhere I had a volcano on my hands! Its my first 5 gallon too and definitely I was worried but they're alive haha it'll awake soon
  3. Awesome, thanks for the tip I didn't know they had blow-off tubes! I just read on the forum about another guy that had the same thing happen to him and he posted some pictures so I got a good idea of what I need to get tomorrow when I stop by the LHBS. Thanks for the tip!
  4. My gravity was 1.050 and I used US-05 and it fermented the same way very aggressively! I lost nowhere near a half gallon of beer but it has been spewing out goodies since earlier today.
  5. Hey guys! I just did my third batch and for this one I decided to do a 5 gallon batch, and I went with an APA kit that I got from my LHBS. (I paid them my first visit and was very impressed with their prices and helpfulness!) I didn't try anything fancy, I just followed the directions included with the kit. Here's a list of the ingredients: [ul][/ul]6 lbs of Cooper's Light LME [ul][/ul]1/2? lbs of Specialty Steeping Grains (Don't remember exactly what grain it was) [ul][/ul]2 ounces of Cascade hops, and 1 ounce of Amarillo hops. (At 60,30, and 15 minute boils.) [ul][/ul]The yeast was US-05 and I did a 60 minute boil as per the directions and am way excited to see how this one turns out! Also, I followed the advice you gave me and purchased a hydrometer and before I sealed it for my OG I got a reading of 1.050. So I set the bucket in my little area, and after about 36 hours, it blew through my "Jerry Rigged" airlock on my bucket and has been spewing foam and fermentation goodies every since! My other brews with the Mr Beer recipes were active but no where near this! It's actually way exciting but kind of annoying having to wipe up the goods on the lid Haha But everything is all well except for minor cleanup. Well I will keep you posted and put up some pics of the final product when it's done!
  6. Hey man! Good luck with that IPA. I'm a new brewer as well and there's lots of good info on here and the people got some good pointers. The beer comes out great by the way!
  7. For sure, I don't plan on splitting up my next batches but I just had to on this first one Haha
  8. Hey Gentlemen! I just wanted to keep you updated and let you know that as of this moment I am sampling my first brew! Just to let you know, I don't remember if it's the Cowboy Golden Lager, or the American Blonde Ale since I was too excited while first making it to write it down and I have since made both standard kits. Because I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for the 2-2-2 without sampling, I bottled one bottle early as a test. This is a bottle I left in the LBK for 9 days, then left in the bottle for 12 days conditioning at room temp. The rest of the batch was left in the LBK for 2 weeks and has been conditioning for 2 weeks and the rest I will leave there for another 2! But like I said I had to sample! Haha The first pour was surprisingly clear, while the second was more cloudy as I expected since all the goods weren't done settling, but the bubbles floated up on overdrive, and the taste was crisp, delicious and better than any Bud, Coors, or other stuff I could of bought at the store. If a rushed sample is this good, the rest of the batch is gonna be amazing! Thanks for the help and tips all!
  9. I've hear about them but have yet to stop by. Im located in Provo and am planning on stopping in next week haha Thanks for the info though I was wondering if they were helpful and a good place to go to.
  10. Hey all! I am very new to home brewing and am young, I'm only 22 years old but being a recently honorably discharged Marine I spent the last four years in the Infantry drinking a beer pretty much every day I had free time stateside while I wasn't deployed, and it was always something local or SNPA. I grew up in a household where my dad drank Budweiser, Corona, MGD, and when he really wanted something nice, Dos Equis! Haha Being little he would let us have a sip to kill the curiosity and would rather have us sample his then somewhere at a party or who knows where else. Very early on I hated the taste and still do! The national brands just don't cut it flavor wise and since I didn't know of anything better I didn't drink. One day on Camp Pendleton, a fellow Marine introduced me to SNPA and I was hooked! I had never tasted beer so delicious, crisp, with the amazing aroma of that first Pale Ale. I just simply hadnt met a beer that had that much flavor or dedication put into it. I then went on a buying spree of every local brew I could find out in town or down in San Diego on tap at local brew restaurants. I'm now back home in Utah and luckily have Squatters and Uinta Brewing Companies to keep me happy while I wait for my first batches to finish up. I joke around about drinking water (Budweiser) with my brother since he prefers it but I don't hate! Lol I will stick to my local brewery Pale Ales and IPAs while everyone else drinks as they please!
  11. Woot! It's been two weeks since I first put in my first batch and I was very excited to bottle today. The beer was clear and tasty except for being flat, and since I don't have a hydrometer yet I figured it was good for bottling. Only question I have is, after 2 weeks at room temp, should I move to my basement and keep it at a cooler temp? Or should I leave it at room temp the whole 4 weeks? Thanks for the great advice so far guys!
  12. Hey man I'm a first timer here too and my first batch has only been in the LBK going on 11 days. I have a good amount of Krausen and the layer of Trub at the bottom is nice and thick so I know it's making beer, I also snuck a sample and does that sucker have some flavor! I think this batch is gonna be a two week ferment, but my second batch I started last night will stay the whole three! Hope this one turns out good for you!
  13. Absolutely I will follow the advice and save some bottles! Also, I can tell you're a good man drinking Ranger IPA Haha. But I'm planning on saving a bottle or two from this batch and letting it sit for much longer to taste the difference.
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