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  1. I tend to use smackpacks in my LBK and throw away the lid yeast, but made that White IPA seasonal last night with the S-05, coming along nicely!
  2. Tap water is what makes your beer interesting to begin with. Pour some in a glass and drink it, if it's fairly plain without some sharp funky flavor to it then you'll be probably better off using it then spring water. Also if you're using distilled water you should probably put your kit away and not make beer anymore.
  3. No worries, might take a little longer to kick in but don't give it a second thought you'll be fine. This is the kind of stuff I used to freak out about as well haha. Go Blue!
  4. Stir when using liquid yeast. Do not stir when using dry yeast.
  5. My Mead is about to hit a year here soon and it'll be time for a taste test!
  6. Making this today and putting together my grain bill, but not sure if I should use 5lbs of light or dark Munich grain. German Oktoberfest - BIAB 6lbs German Vienna 5lbs German Munich Malt 60 min 1 ½ German Hallertau 20 min ½ German Hallertau 10 min ½ Tettnang Saflager 34/70 (Weihenstephan) 10 min 1 tsp Irish Moss
  7. For those of you with kids, several BB&B around here all have the rootbeer kits in stock half off for $9.99 and if you grab any 20% coupon from anywhere that's under $8 a piece, a pretty cheap gift they can't help but love.
  8. "FedoraDave" post=299167 said:I also go three weeks in the fermenter, then four weeks at room temperature once bottled. Not only do I feel it benefits the beer, but it fits my brewing schedule. I have three batches going at all times, each brewed a week apart. Yup... I do the same thing all the time 3 weeks and then 4 in bottle
  9. I always make my Stouts with toasted oats... better taste, smoother mouthfeel, easy to do. Get some quaker oats in the old round container, spread some out across a baking sheet and throw in oven at 350 for like 5 minutes, keep an eye on them, you want them to slightly brown but they'll burn quick at that heat. boil them in a hop bag or something in your 4ish cups of water for 10 minutes, THEN SQUEEZE OUT THE BAG INTO THE WATER before you discard it, carry on with making the beer as normal. visual guide
  10. EMERGENCY STOP THREAD I'm down to 8 beers left, football sunday came out of nowhere and my fridge was attacked!!! What to do! lol
  11. "mashani" post=282165 said: "USMCMatt" post=282150 said:No clue, I'm consumed by fear, I'll let you know tonight Never fear, it's beer! HOLLLLLLLY SHIT that was one great beer! I'm going to give it another 2 weeks but hot damn!
  12. No clue, I'm consumed by fear, I'll let you know tonight
  13. I can't believe I did this... lol... So for whatever reason on my 2nd batch of I.P. I bottled em up and set them to cold condition.... in the fridge. 8 weeks later I'm looking at them like what the hell was I thinking. What the heck do I do now?
  14. Buy this http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/brewing/beer-brewing-equipment/fermenting-equipment/aeration/oxygenation-kit.html Use this (but from lowes or home depot)
  15. ugh don't ever boil it and stop worrying so much
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