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  1. I brewed my Proud Papa Pilsner yesterday and it's already blowed up! Foam everywhere and it's churning away. Can't wait and I feel your joy!
  2. Haha Judge Judy Yeah I thought I got it all all but there had to be some adhesion residue.. either way maybe a bucket of oxiclean may be the answer in saving it. My new proud papa pilsner just got here so I'll be making that soon, been hard to get it started, my daughter was just born on Sunday! weeee zzzzzzz
  3. REWSTER wrote: hmm i do the same thing when im telling a picture story luckily i didnt run into any problems brewing, just when i work on the jeep... lol haha Beers, Jeeps, and wives, isn't that how the saying goes!
  4. SmokeDiver3zero wrote: 4 cans of MB "so watch out for that 9.1% abv."
  5. bpgreen wrote: Stupid pot That's why it's best to drink beer. That pot will get you too befuddled. Wait wut man, yeaaaaaaa :silly:
  6. Trollby wrote: The other thing you may want to do in the future is clean the cans better. I boil normally 2 quarts and pour 2 cups boiling water back into the 2 cup measuring cup I use, after I pour all the HME (or UME) in I scrape out best I can then rinse with the hot water using the spoon to get it all off and pour that in the pot too. One other thing I do is I clean the outside of the cans and remove the label then when ready to open sanitize the outside of the can too. I know, pretty Anal but I want to make sure clean, hey they make you sanitize the can opener but dirt can is alright? :S I really appreciate this post Trollby, I have been wrestling with the same issue mentally while I was waiting for everything to get there. Nobody ever talks about the dirty ass cans and stuff, I didn't think to peel off the labels but I did dip them in the excess sanitizer I had and scrubbed the lids with it too just in case, I didn't scrape the cans this time and already was worrying about it touching the labels... goddammit now I'm all freaked out, I no longer appreciate your post :cheer:
  7. pghFred wrote: LOL - I still have a now-faded humongous sticker on my SS 20qt brewpot I bought about 10 years ago! I'd be careful of putting the unopened cans of extract in a pot that is on the stove. You might think you're going through the 'Crucible' again if one BLOWS! Actually the 'Crucible' cam about a year after I went through boot camp, I had to trudge though it like a real man! haha. I was wondering about that, but figured if I left it on "1" I'd be ok, I mean even after a while I could still stick my hand into the water with no worries, but seeing how you mention it maybe I'll be a little more careful next time, but I was just trying to keep it lukewarm, for some reason I wasn't getting too much hot water out of the tap that night.
  8. Warning, this is going to get weird. Woot pays off and finally shows up. Excitement builds as I look forward to ditching all the extra junk for just the LBK, My orders for bottles, cappers, premium mix from Mr Beer had already showed up. I tear in... what the hell are all these white crystals all over the everything? Obviously anthrax... or boosters, yep, blew up all over everything. Anyways I'm glad I was going to brew the Pilsner for the first time and really had no intention of using the brew mix it came with (for now) I wasn't sure if Mr. Beer would help me out though because I didn't buy the kit from them even though I did buy a ton of other stuff. So I consulted this guy. No help whatsoever, but the girl I chatted with live on their website said no problem at all and just added a pack to another order that hadn't shipped yet I placed earlier in the day. Cool we're going to start this party going. Even though I could probably do this in my sleep after the research I put while waiting for everything to show up, I cheated and follow the Drew videos so I wouldn't for get anything. Ok so here where the rage starts. I thought it would be cool to head to Wal Mark of all places and buy a pot to make the wort in. Found an awesome pot all stainless steel with even a little lip at the top for pouring for $26!!! But wait what's this, one for $6!!! Perfect sold! WHOS IN THE HOLY F*&%*&% HELL PUTS MASSIVE STICKERS WITH HEAVY ADHESION ON THE SIDE AND BOTTOM OF A COOKING POT Seriously I rub, scrape, and razor blade this into a mess, now hurrying before the Mrs gets home. I get it pretty darn decent and dump in my 4 cups of water and crank that baby up... smoke everywhere.. I'm pretty sure I just set fire to the house or the glue that even a razor wont take off is slowing killing me. I grab a new pot and start over while warming up my cans not very hot, but maybe I should of cranked it up because DAMN it takes forever to get it all out of there everything else goes pretty smooth, once I dump it into the LBK and add the rest of the spring water I had cooling I the temp is perfect and throw yeast everywhere and squirrel it away into the closet for 3 weeks. Stupid pot
  9. I usually tune out the people who try to sound smarter then you by voicing how awful Bud Light is and blah blah blah, every beer has it's place. I love watered down beer like bud when I'm mowing the lawn, on the boat in 100 degree weather. I can drink a lot of it and it's refreshing, deal with it. But you're probably not going to catch me drinking it at home or the bar etc. Every beer has it's place (in meh belly)
  10. Try living in Central Florida right now, we're bouncing around between 32 to 76 all in the same day, the temperature swings are crazy right now, nothing is stable.
  11. You officially have issues GOF hahaha
  12. I'm not using one for the batch I'm doing this weekend, but just going to follow a 3/3/3 to cover it
  13. About Harbor Freight too, check your Sunday paper there's always huge discount coupons in there for any item as well, you can probably get one damn near free.
  14. I was thinking of also doing a 3/3/3 I don't mind the wait and I'm not using a Hydrometer on this one. I was also thinking of doing the cooler bottling after seeing their video, has anyone else done this? It does seem like adding the sugar and such to the batch and THEN bottling from that makes more sense for a more consistent beer, how does the math work out for adding to a batch and not per bottle? Also would it make sense to strain the batch going into the cooler to clear it up and get rid of any floaters? Nevermind just learned about 2 day cold crashing. Also the kit will be here tomorrow, woot! (Literally)
  15. Man what great info so far guys, I'm definitely going to go through each post. A lot of the info skimming over it makes perfect sense, I like the idea of pushing a little more out of it flavor wise. Look what just came! (Now where the hell is my kit! lol)
  16. New brewer here and had a couple questions for starting out or at least thinking a head to future batches. I understand that I should just use whatever to get my feet wet but I don't mind learning and doing a little more to get a little more out of what I'm producing. From reading around while waiting for Mr. UPS man I have read a lot of about ignoring the booster pack and beer that comes with the kit and have bought the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner that I'm going to do my first brew with. I'm wondering if I can get some guidance on other additives that I can use with this to get more out of it, mainly: 1. Better sugar for bottling 2. Better Yeast 3. Adding Hops I'm on the Mr. Beer site right now about to check out with some odds and ends and wondering if I can/should buy any of these other additives listed before hitting the checkout button. I will of course learn more about the processes of cooking these but if anyone can let me know specifically if I should grab some of these add-ins for my Pilsner please let me know. Thank you.
  17. Cool i'll have to invite you down after my first batch, I think everything has shipped, and with the cooler weather finally here I think it'll be able to pull of a successful batch
  18. Hey just checked out your blog, pretty cool
  19. Hey me too.. also bought the Czech Pilsner kit and the glass bottles too, hope to be brewing with you here soon.
  20. Haha thanks.. I've been wanting to for a while and figured the same thing, pay attention and do it right and it'll work out. I'll put up a thread when everything gets hee and the madness begins. I was actually thinking of getting a $10 extra container and putting the mix that comes with it in there, don;t really see a point to throwing it out. I'm checking out those threads mentioned as well, I'm sure I'll enjoy brewing and while I'm sure I'll have those bigger setups in the future, I see no issue with starting here.
  21. I decided to jump on the woot deal today and just start doing some brewing. Also got onto Mr Beer website and bought the bottling system and the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner pack. Very much looking forward to UPS dropping this off and getting going.
  22. Same boat, after years of wanting to brew, I decided to just on the woot deal today and just start doing something. Also got onto Mr Beer and bought the bottling system and the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner pack after heading so much about "tossing out" the one it comes with. Very much looking forward to UPS dropping this off and getting going.
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