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  1. I found this one in the AHA magazine Zymurgy, it says "as Brewed by David Curtis and Ryan Kramer, Bell's General Store" 5 Gal. OG: 1.063 FG: 1.012 SRM: 10 IBU: 55 10.0 lb Briess Two-row Brewers Malt 2.83 lb Briess Pale Malt 8.0 oz Briess Caramel (40L) 1.2 oz Centennial Pellets @91.% aa (45 min) 1.2 oz Centennial Pellets @91.% aa (30 min) 3.5 oz Centennial Pellets @91.% aa (dry hop) White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast or WLP051 California Ale V Yeast Use 4.5 gal. filtered water, adjusted with 4 grams gypsum. Step Mash 45 min at 1500 F, ramp to 1700 F by infusing 2.5 gal boiling water, rest 10 min. Vorlauf until clear. Collect 6.6 gal, sparging with 1750 F water. Boil 75 Min adding hops at 45 min and 30 min. Whirlpool and allow to settle for 15 min. Chill Wort to 640 F. Aerate wort and pitch yeast. Fermant at Ale temps. Dry hop one week into fermentation. Allow beer to stay warm with hops for a week. Rack beer, crash cool, and cold age for a week. Rack beer, prime with sugar and bottle.
  2. Hi Trollby, can you give me an update on this. Have you cracked any yet to try, and can you give me an idea on how adding the raspberry extract worked. My daughter is interested in a Chocolate Raspberry stout for her 21st birthday... ( I'll pretend not to know how she knows she would want a stout for her 21st birthday), so I'm very interested in your results. Thanks
  3. Mashani, this post was perfectly timed. 5 minutes before I read this I was trying to decide between the Abbey Dubbel or Dubbel trouble. Both got decent reviews, and then reading this post with your mods was very helpful. So the question to you (and really the all of the BORG) is.... Abbey Dubbel or Dubbel Trouble. Just looking for opinions and any possible mods. I definitely would like to get one of these as close to a trdaitional Dubbel as possible, and Mashani, I have started looking to any of your posts when it comes to Belgians. So any, and all input is gratefully received! Thanks All! Mags
  4. "esheppy" post=249568 said:Well, FWIW ... I have carbed and conditioned with both that flip-top growler (available from Mr. Beer by the way) and a screw-top. Both turned out fine for me. Good to know, thanks.
  5. "FrozenInTime" post=249557 said:There was another thread on this, I believe the consensus was, don't do it. I have not personally done it, would hate to waste a good brew to a bottle bomb. I would say if a bottle is not made origanally to hold carbed beverages for extended periods, don't do it, but it's your brew, do what makes u happy. :chug: Believe me, I have NO desire to waste good beer. That's why I ask before I try. I seem to recall someone saying that it's not a real good idea, but I couldn't find the thread and I knew someone here would remember it. Thanks for the input.
  6. That's one of the reasons I was asking. Typically I see growlers with screw tops, which I wouldn't attempt. But I thought I use swing top 16oz bottle, so a swing top growler might work.
  7. I've done a search, but can't seem to find an answer to this... Has anyone carbed and conditioned in a growler? And if so... what were the results? I've got a couple of recipes that I am going to brew specifically for an event with friends... the beer is going to go pretty quick, and I thought bottling n a growler might be the way to go. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!
  8. Hamburglar57 wrote: BTW, thanks magsvmi for the note about the homepage search for "Archive." A couple of interesting recipes I'd not seen before. You're welcome, and I know.... I've added a few of those in the archive into the schedule. Plus, some of the recently archived were already figured into my schedule, so I'll be visiting the archives frequntly over the next year. Does anyone know if this means that NEW recipes are about to be added?
  9. I used the basic recipe for St Patrick's Day Stout. Of course I had several traditional stouts available, but those who had the MB St Patrick's Stout liked it the best. For the label, first of all thank you, and I used MS Word. It has everything necessary to create a decent label, it just takes a little longer to put it all together, but you've got to do something while the beer is fermenting and conditioning. ONce I create the label design, Word has an Avery template so that you can create the sheet, then I go to the local copier place and make the labels on the color copier because doing it on my Ink Jet prointer ends up being more expensive, and the ink runs.
  10. So I made St Patrick's Day Stout for my St Patrick's day party. It fermented for two weeks carbed and conditioned for four weeks, following the 2/2/2 plan. I gave it out to some of my favorite people (I had to make sure I didn't give it all away, I still need to enjoy it too)and it got great reviews. I have been informed that it will be expected in greater quantities when we all get together again next year. It was a very good day!
  11. The tripel (and the others I'm sure) have been archived. If you type the Tripel Tipple in the search box, it will take you to the recipe. The instructions are still there, you just can't order it a a kit. You can still order the individual ingredients. Actually, if you go to the Main page and type Archive, you'll find a quite a few interesting recipes. I've grabbed a few for future brewing.
  12. Spucky wrote: Beer is all i think about!I have 3 LBKsand am pretty comtable right now keeping them going!Its funny i told my wife and kids all i want for my birthday,fathers day is mr.beer gift certificates!Cheers! I've done exactly the same thing. The birthday is in a couple of weeks and all I'm hoping for are enough gift certificates to feed the habit...
  13. My next brew is Ginger's Castaway.. 1 Can West Coast Pale Ale HME 1 Pouch Booster™ 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser YOU PR0VIDE: 2 Teaspoons Fresh Grated Ginger 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar I am planning on substituting a light DME for the booster and 11.5 g Safbrew S-33 for the MB brewing yeast. Has anyone else made this, and are there any other recommendations for dressing this up? Thanks in advance everyone.
  14. Here is a thread asking for similar info on the tripel. I hought Mashani provided some exceellent advice on getting the best out of th tripel, even if you don't try the recipe that is posted at the beginning of the thread. http://community.mrbeer.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=124&func=view&catid=20&id=227088#forumbottom Mashani - I am a huge fan of Belgians, do you have any posts similar to the one in the trhread that outline the some of the "musts" for brewing an outstanding Belgian?
  15. mashani wrote: Note to self... buy Three Philosophers. That should be a standing repetitive note... you won't regret it.
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