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  1. Thanks! Looks like I will be throwing it into the fridge. If it goes in the fridge how does it change the conditioning process?
  2. Yicks! I got a little ahead of my self and have a LBK full of Big Eds Red thats been in fermentor since 3/11/12, but have no bottles left! How long can it stay in the LBK? I didnt plan appropriately and ran out of bottles when I bottled my last two LBKs. Is 3 weeks to long in the LBK?
  3. Welcome! The "lagering" refers cold storage during the final conditioning phase. Normal condition is done at the same temperature of fermenting where cold conditioning is down around 55 degree or below (I think). I have not actually lagered anything before so I dont know to much about it. I do believe lagering is to improve clarity and overall taste of the brew. And welcome to the "hobby." I started with one fermentor and now I have 3 in constant rotation. Its definitely one of the most rewarding hobbies and is a lot of fun!
  4. Is fermenting time typically a month? I will be starting my Big Ed's Red here soon.
  5. This actually sound pretty delicious! I just got done brewing my Black Tower Porter. The vanilla sounds like the perfect contrast to the darkness of the porter. Plus im a coffeehead so adding coffee just sounds good in general!
  6. I actually have a few set aside for one of my next few batches. Wanted to get a few "basic" brews under my belt. Although this one turned out so well I may just jump into a more advanced recipe next.
  7. Well this evening my old man ended up cracking open my first batch. This batch was a Octoberfest Vienna Lager and I followed the 2-2-2 schedule. Upon opening there was a decent "psssst" of carbonation. Good... Next poured into my glass and had a pretty decent head.. Schweeeet. I stuck my nose inside the glass and took a nice sniff. Yummmmm. Time to drink. Poured a small test and WOOOOOOO!!!! Thats real beer! I definitely did not expect this from a Mr Beer kit. My only gripe is that it could be a tad hoppier. Guess its time to try a steeping. Well here is a picture of the goods: I got a bunch of extracts ready for brewing, now I just got to pick :silly:
  8. Enjoy! I havent gotten to botle my first batch yet. It is ready to bottle but between school and work I dont have time in the evening to get it bottled. Im going to bottle it this weekend Figured a few extra days in the LBK wouldnt hurt
  9. Tim28 wrote: I've been brewing for 1 year, and my favorite brew was 1 can High Canadian (HME) + 1 can Whispering Wheat (HME) + 1/2 pouch booster. I haven't done many recipes, so I have limited experience, but I loved this beer. I found good deals and International 3 packs (H.C. Canadian, Whispering Wheat, and Vienna Oct), so I did every possible combination, some didn't go as well as others. I preferred that to 2 cans of Whispering wheat HME's. Hum. Maybe I will try this today! I have both of these on hand and my inner mad scientist wants to come out!
  10. Well aboard Knightmare! Im a novice as well who just joined the MB community. Everyone seems great hear and there is tons of information to help you in your brewing journey.
  11. USMCMatt wrote: Orlando here +1. Well Im in Lake Mary
  12. Welcome Michelle! Im another Christmas addition to the forum. I got my first batch brewing as well. This is a great community and glad to have you aboard!
  13. Monkeyman wrote: I've been placing the LBK in a cooler and regulating temps with frozen water bottles, works well for me I will be doing this next time around. Would it hurt to do this mid fermenting? Mine has been fermenting for about 6 days now and ambient temperature is probably 70 degrees.
  14. Thats good to hear! I guess I am 1 week down them
  15. Yeap. There is a nice layer of trub(?) laying down on the bottom. Its pretty cloudy inside the LBK.
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