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  1. You are the man. Thank you very much. :cheers:
  2. I've noticed that Mr. Beer has drastically changed its recipes and gotten rid of many that I had hoped to try. I know they're still buried in the website, but I don't know the names of the old blueberry recipes. Can anybody here help and, if possible, post suggestions on adaptations?
  3. I used a teaspoon and a half of table sugar per liter bottle. A bit less, actually, since I lost some transferring from the measuring spoon to the bottle. Next time I'll use only a teaspoon.
  4. I just took them out of the closet tonight and threw them in the fridge. Drinking the bottle was basically a whim. Using a large Dunkin Donuts cup, I easily got a hand (yes, an entire hand) of foamy white head. And the carbonation is very champaign-like.
  5. Tonight was fridge night for my first batch and I decided to pop a bottle to give a taste test. It's nicely carbonated and I think cold it would definitely be refreshing. Taste wouldn't be out of place coming from one of the Big 3, in fact it's probably better; which just goes to show you how bad their beer is. I'm going to pop another bottle in a week and give an update. :borg:
  6. I rather suspect the cider smell/taste is the result of the small yeast packets that come with the kit, possibly in combination with the booster. I haven't noted the cider smell/taste in commercial Pale Ales I've had. I think if you doubled the HMEs and pitched in an entire phial of liquid yeast, you'd get a fairly good beer.
  7. Russian Imperial Stout is one of my favorite types of beer. I've decided, though, that the various stouts (at least the commercial versions) are all too much alike in their over-reliance on the dark chocolate/coffee notes and in the future I'm going to try to redefine stouts.
  8. "smgarrett" post=251594 said:Everyone gets hangovers. You just haven't worked hard enough at it yet. :evil: First time I ever went out to a bar, I lost count of the number of Greyhounds I had consumed at ten. It was at one of the Veteran's Posts, so they don't water down their drink or skimp on the alcohol. The next day I was a little slower than normal getting up, but other than that I was fine.
  9. I did the same to my WCPA, it'll still ferment.
  10. I did. The taste reminded me of warm and flat Narraganset Lager. We'll see what happens in a couple more weeks when the beer is warm conditioned and I throw it in the fridge for a couple days. At that point I'm going to crack a bottle and see how it's progressing.
  11. "mnstarzz13" post=251317 said:Bookmarked! Thanks D A bit off topic, but be sure to print out anything you can use. Websites can be taken down with no notice and hard drives can have an unrecoverable crash, but paper is a bit more permanent.
  12. Just bottled my WCPA last night and noticed a strong apple cider smell emanating from the LBK. I think it's because of the temp spike from a couple weeks ago, resulting in stressed yeast, but I'm not entirely sure. Any thoughts?
  13. After reading the OJ thread and noting that both oranges and pomegranates are pretty acidic and veer towards the sour/bitter side of fruits, I'd say not more than a cup in an LBK or two in a 5 gal carboy.
  14. You know, the first homebrew I ever tried was a honey hefeweizen that had the honey added in the secondary fermentation stage. The honey flavor was decidedly present, but just short of being dominant.
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