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  1. I hope work goes by fast today because it is bottling day! My first one! Next into the keg is the St. Patrick's Irish Stout. I am hooked and I haven't had a taste of my own brew yet!
  2. It is the standard refill pack of Saint Patricks Irish Stout. I think I will try your longer deal on this second batch
  3. Ha! Hi Jacylrin! Question friends- should I do anything different (i.e., go longer than 2/2/2) for the St. Patricks Irish Stout? With St. Patty's day coming, I'd like to get it in the second keg soon. Going to be good with my corned beef!
  4. Indeed a lady! I just thought Brew would be fun, no relation to the Brewers or Brew! Love craft beers and make it a point to find local stuff when I travel. This hobby is a natural extension. Just got back from Bed, Bath and Beyond with a half price deluxe kit. Now I have a second keg. And, would you believe I found refills as I was wandering the liquor store?
  5. I have been stalking the forum quite a bit before actually joining and before actually putting together the brew. I got everything together yesterday and decided it was time! A notebook is a great idea! I am going to get something cool to document my journey. I am excited for the mad scientist part!
  6. I am sure all the folks around here are tired of seeing these threads, but I just got my first batch in the keg! I got my kit as a surprise Christmas gift from my husband. So excited to have a new hobby. Apparently just drinking all kinds of beers and attending beer fests does not qualify as a hobby... Looking forward to hanging around the forum, brewing tons more beer and at some point getting all fancy with some of the recipes I have been forcing myself to stop looking at because I know I am a beginner!
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