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  1. I'm due to place an online order for some more ingredients (after getting the green-light from the Mrs!) and I'm keen to advance onto steeping grains rather than standard extract with hop boil brews. What would be the best grains to buy to kick up the extract brews a notch or two?

    Would it be prudent to buy a couple of kg of pilsner malt and CaraPils and put a couple of extract recipes through QBrew, or am I on the completely wrong path? I like IPAs and Blond ales.

    Once again TIA and cheers.

  2. How do you account for the bitterness of the MB HMEs in QBrew? Do you add on the IBU figure of the extract profile on the website to your hop boils, or is there a fancy way to include in the recipe program?

    Thanks (apologies if this is a stupid question).

  3. My Star San solution is cloudy, will it still be effective or have I wasted my money? I used a dilution of 1 litre tap water : 1ml SS. The report by my water company gives the pH as a maximum of pH8 with a mean of pH7.8. I'm guessing that it's the alkaline nature of the tap water giving the turbidity? I have access to diH2O at work, although not sure that drawing off a gallon and strapping it to my motorbike is a good idea to get it home!


  4. Sorry to jump in and ask idiotic questions but would it be possible to batch prime the LBK an hour or so into a cold crash, once the yeasties have gone to sleep? I'd definitely like to batch prime my second attempt as I'm bottling in an assortment of different sized glass bottles rather than the 1l PETs this time. Can't quite justify buying a secondary fermenter just yet.

    Has anyone tried bottle priming with a syringe and a 50% w/v solution of dextrose (as an example, could go higher but 50% makes the maths easier!) before? I don't have digital scales but could acquire a couple of 15ml syringes from work.


  5. Thanks very much for the advice. I certainly hope my patience improves as I can't wait to get on with the next batch/bottle the first/drink some of my beer!

    Quick Q: I also have acquired 500g of hopped light DME, will boiling this kill off the hops?

    Thanks again and cheers!

  6. Hi everyone, I seem to spend an amazing amount of time reading the forum and not posting!

    I have my first batch of beer in the LBK and almost ready to bottle after receiving the kit for Christmas and was just looking for a little advice on what to brew up next. We seem to be somewhat lacking in MB supplies in the UK so rather hastily ordered a Classic American Blonde Ale kit, 500g of Munton's extra light spraymalt and a packet of cascade hops from my local home brew shop.

    So, after going through the hot break with the 500g of DME would I need to do a hop boil before continuing with the CABA refill or would dry hopping be the way forwards?

    Apologies if my terminology/methodology is off and thanks in advance. Cheers,

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