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  1. Well, I couldn't wait and popped open the first bottle of the batch after 2 weeks of lagering. It tasted like mulled wine, with a hint of carbonation but I could tell that all of the various flavors still need some more time really blend. I was initially worried that the batch had gone bad when the cap blew off the barrel, but from what I could tell, it definitely did not spoil. I'll let it lager for another 6 weeks before I try another bottle...cannot wait! I've already ordered ingredients for the hop head ale and probably will make a nice dark stout thereafter. I can definitely see why homebrewing is so popular!
  2. Oooops, well...I couldn't find a 10 oz bottle of marmalade, so I incorporated a full 14 oz into the wort. I don't use marmalade any other time and didn't want to waste what remained in the bottle. I'm too much of a newbie to understand the effect of the additional 4 oz, but I'm not too worried. Let's see how it tastes when it's ready. My next batch is going to be a lot simpler - a nice little crisp red ale.
  3. Well, after putting the lid back on the barrel, I left it alone for 2 weeks. I just bottled it about a week ago and it tasted fine (well, like good flat beer), so I'm excited about opening the first bottle this weekend. However, should I expect a beer that is somewhat cloudy? The sediment hasn't completely settled to the bottom of the bottle.
  4. I can actually see that I wrote the sentence and made it appear that the barrel flipped over. Actually the barrel remained upright in the cooler. It was the lid that blew off and flipped over. I've sinced checked on the barrel and wort is actually starting to smell fragrant and doesn't appear to have spoiled. Let's hope! I'm looking forward to bottling it in a couple of weeks.
  5. I just bought my first kit several months ago and brewed the india pale ale with good success. I followed all of the steps and the results were amazing. Feeling a bit confident, I decided to brew one of the advanced recipes - cranberry maibock. I followed all of the directions and even took measures to prevent a blowout of the barrel cap by keeping it loose. I placed the barrel in a cooler in my garage to take advantage of the cooler temperature. Unfortunately, upon returning from work the following evening, I found the cap had blown off the barrel and landed upside down on the garage floor. The lid of the cooler also flew open as a result and some of the wort leaked out. I quickly cleaned up the lid and the top of the barrel, making sure nothing fell back into the barrel and closed it again. I'm not sure how long the barrel remained open (It must have blown sometime after a left for work at 7 am until 7 pm when I returned) so I'm concerned that the wort has already spoiled. Thoughts about continuing with the process? At worst, it's already spoiled and I'm going to waste the next several weeks preparing a spoiled brew.
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