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  1. BTW this turned out to be an awesome beer. I dry hopped it or did a Hop tea at the the time of bottling with some leaf Czech Saaz. It was a very subtle blueberry flavor, just enough to make it interesting. The beer was amazingly good and very easy to drink in multiples. Everyone who had told me I had to make more. This will go in my book of brew again and again brews. THanks for your help
  2. Hi I brewed a Light ale that I plan to add blueberry extract to. It's a clone of Sweetwater Blue (sorta.) I kept it balanced-to-sweet to go along with the blueberry extract I will be adding at bottling time. However when I transfered it to secondary after one week in primary, I tasted it and it's kick you in the face sweet. At that time I added a Hop tea I made with .25 oz Saaz and it took a little of the sweet down. I have read that fruit extract flavors are sweeter than fruit puree so I am worried that I will be going in the wrong direction when I add that. Any way to bitter this in the secondary or bottling stage? Or did I just learn a valuable lesson? Here is the recipe: % LB OZ MALT OR FERMENTABLE PPG °L 83% 5 0 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~ 17% 1 0 Belgian Wheat 38 2 ~ 6 0 Batch size: 2.5 gallons Original Gravity 1.067 / 16.4° Plato Final Gravity 1.018 / 4.6° Plato Color 3° SRM / 6° EBC (Yellow) Mash Efficiency 75% hops USE TIME OZ VARIETY FORM AA boil 60 mins 0.5 Hallertau pellet 3.1 boil 20 mins 0.5 Hallertau pellet 3.1 Dry Hop .25 Chech Saaz Boil: 3.0 avg gallons for 60 minutes Bitterness 18.0 IBU / 2 HBU ƒ: Tinseth BU:GU 0.27 yeast Safale US-05 Dry Yeast ale yeast in dry form with low to medium flocculation and 73% attenuation Alcohol 6.5% ABV / 5% ABW
  3. It is tasty, and I am not a fruit beer guy. I had it in a sampler pack last time I was in Atlanta. sweetwaterbrew.com/brews/blue/ Thanks for the advice.
  4. I brewed a sorta clone of Sweetwater Blue yesterday and I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on finishing the recipe. Here is the gist. 2.5 gallon batch All grain 5 # Belgian pale 2 row 1 # wheat .5 oz hallertau 60min .5 oz hallertau 20min 1 oz blueberry extract Og 1.047 actual 1.041 Ok so my plan was to transfer to secondary and dry hop with .25oz of hallertau after 7 days in primary. However My LHBS sold me know some leaf Saaz for dry hopping. My questions are: Do you think the hallertau or saaz is better fit with blueberry? And if I am dry hopping and adding extract at what stage do you recommend doing each? Right now I am on second day of fermentation, things are look in good.
  5. Ok so here is what I ended up doing. I did a partial mash. I was making a Great Lakes Eliot Ness clone. I halfed the all grain recipe except for the hops and added 3.3 lbs of munich LME. The recipe roughly was: 2lb 2-Row Malt 2lb Light Munich Malt 8oz Crystal 30 8oz Crystal 30 3.3lb Munich LME .75 oz Tettnang 60min .75 oz Hallertau 60min .15 oz Gelena 60min .25 iz Tettnang 7min .25 oz Hallertaus 7min I used my 16 qt pot filled up to about 12QT of 175 degree water. Dropped in the bag of grains. and then my digital thermometer broke. I guess it sat at 160ish for 60-70ish minutes (got on a phone call and timer beeped fro a while.) Here is where I may have screwed up. When I lifted the bag and dropped it a colander, the grains, no matter how much I squished them sat above the top of the pot. I dumped what I thought to be 170ish degree water on top but a lot of it spilled out onto my stove top and made nice burnt wort smells. I think I did a lousy sparge. Rather I know I did a lousy sparge. So then I boiled for 70 min. Adding hops at the above intervals. Last ten minutes I added a whirfloc tablet. First time with that and from what I noticed it put a lot of protein at the bottom of my pot which I did not put in the fermentor. Correct? Anyways I added the LME at the last 15min of boiling. Honestly iw asn't sure when to add that. Didn't want to boil it the whole time. I cooled and added to 5 gal fermenting bucket. I added water up to 4.5 gallons to allow for lousy effieciency with my grains. Was this right to do? I used the yeast cake from a previous batch of an Irish Red that I bottled while this batch was boiling. It was bubbling in an hr or so. today (next day) it's going pretty darn good. This is my first attempt at a partial mash and a 5gal batch. How bad did I screw it up? If I had to do this again i would get a much bigger pot and not try and bottle two batches from a LBK at the same time. It was bordline stressful juggling all of this. Oh and this 5gal batch was almost the price of my normal 2.5 gal extract batches. The grains added about 6 bucks and I reused the yeast which seems to have worked out pretty darn well. This saved me about 6 bucks. I'm digging it.
  6. Ok thanks. My pot is 16qt. My neighbor offered his turkey fryer. But i think i will do a partial mash with my pot and add some extract o getup to 5 gallons. Thanks for the advice! Iam going to attempt this weekend ill let you knowhow it goes.
  7. Hey folks, I am a newb with 7 batches under my belt. I have been doing all extracts until the last 3 when I introduced steeping grains to the mix, thanks to the help of bugladen and the recipe collaboration. So I was planning on doing a mr beer sized all grain batch using the BIAG method. I have been researching it a lot and I think I have my head wrapped around it. Then my neighbor shows up yesterday and gives me his old 5 gal bucket fermenter and a 6 gallon glass carboy. So now I am all mesmerized by the thought of making 5 gallons. I don't want to get in over my head so I am looking for advice. Should I stick my course and try all grain in a mr beer sized batch or should go for the gusto and use the new toys with an all grain batch? OR should I just try and make another beer along the same line of difficulty, extract, steeping grains and hop boils, just in a 5 gal batch size. Which is a more logical step? Thanks in advance you guys rock!
  8. I have a weird mix of ingredients and looking for a suggestion for my next one or two brews. I have: 1 can Vienna Octoberfest HME 1 can Mellow Amber UME 1 lb Sparkling Amber DME 1 lb Bavarian Wheat DME 3.3 Golden Light LME 2/3 oz Galena Hops 2/3 oz Fuggles 1/3 oz tettnag 1oz UK Kent Goldings Safe ale 05 Wyeast london ale III Nottinghame dry ale yeast Any Suggestions? I am playing with the idea of the Vienna, Amber DME and 1lb of the Golden light with 60min of 1/3 oz Galena. Also I have thought about the Mellow Amber UME, 1lb Amber DME, 1lb of the Golden light and 60min fuggles and 20 min Tettnang. Of course I could buy extra ingredients but I'd love to use some what I have on hand so I can do this sooner than later. Thanks fro your help!
  9. My frist batch was a WCPA and I didn't like it much at all. The last one or two I had were ok. So time will make it better. HOWEVER I bought and additional LBK on sale after Christmas and it came with a can of WCPA. I decided to brew it with some additions and WITHOUT booster. I used 2lbs of Munich LME and some Tettnang Hops. IT was awesome. Of the 5 batches I have brewed it was the best by far. I would ditch booster and add some more malt. it's a good ingredient but alone it's kind of meh to bleh.
  10. Hey, I borrowed a recipe from bugladen and added my mistakes/tweaks to it. It's a Hefewiesen (i think) The basic recipe I brewed was: steeped, .25# Carahell, .1# honey malt 3# Bavarian Wheat DME .3oz Tettnang pellet hops for 60min 1/4 tspn corriander for 10min 1/2 tspn orange zest 10min 3492 Wyeast Belgian Wheat liquid yeast it's been in the lbk for two days now My questions are about dry hopping. I have the remaining .7oz of tettnang that I plane to throw in at 7days in the fermenter. Is that a proper time to do it? Is this a waste of hops? will I notice a difference and if I do will it be a good one? I have never dry hopped and in general I am an ambitious newb. Should I just save these for something else? Also let me know if I should have posted this in another category. Thanks in advance!
  11. thanks! I think I get it now. Now I will have to see how much patience I have. I Can't believe I made something good. Now it will be that much harder to keep it in the fridge and not in my glass. Thanks again for all the knowledge you guys share.
  12. Hey there, New brewer. Brewed 4 batches now, tasted 3. The second and third batches were bottled at the same time. if I stick with the 3-2-2 plan they will be ready in a week. Of course, I shouldn't have tasted them tonight, but I did. Couldnt wait.I have no willpower. I know what I am supposed to do, stickem in the fridge for a few days then drink them. But I let them chill for only an hour. Batch 3 was frikin awesome. Batch 2 was meh. So what gives? what does chilling them for a few days do that an hour doesn't? I assume it helps clear the beer or something but what exactly is going on? How does it effect taste? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Durham here. Glad to know there are some LBKs working in the area!
  14. I am new here too but I feel like most posts I read touch on time making your beer better. I see people recommend 2-2-2. 2 weeks fermenting, 2 weeks carbing (sugar in bottle), and 2 weeks conditioning. But there are a lot of posts that say 3-2-4 or something like that. A common thread is patience makes beer better. You may have bottled too soon. Maybe it would've been better tasting if you didn't. At this point what else can you do but try it in a week? Then try it in another week. Then when you try it and like it, drink them all at once and plan your next brew. I am on batch 2 and I really don't expect much out of the first 3 or so until I figure all this stuff out a little more. Hope it turns out good in the end1
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