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  1. ok just making sure because it looked like alot
  2. I started brewing the pils last week started at temps at 68 for 24 hours move to temp 50 went down to keg to make sure it didnt blow and I noticed that there is about 2 to 2 1/2 in of trub on the bottom of the keg is that or bad havent seen that much before so I just want to make sure that I didnt do anything wrong Happy Brewing
  3. Sweet thanks I was just making sure thats all
  4. Whats happening BrewBuds I have a question about the imperial pils I have just received it about to start brewing ot soon and I was wondering do I use the whole yeast packet for it?? Thanks Stealthy
  5. I have a question I wanna brew OVL without using the booster what can I use in place of the booster and I want to keep it as a lager not an ale any tips will be appreciated
  6. WELCOME!!!! To the borg :cheers:
  7. Well to me I think that you should test the water first making sure its alright to drink but then again you are boiling it anyways its worth a shot its your beer basically
  8. +1 sweet have fun bottling i have my 2nd batch in the LBK waiting another week or so to bottle that plus I also have another batch with LBk coming soon so ill have a pipeline going my WCPA been in the bottle for a week so far kinda hoping to be able to try that on superbowl sunday Happy Brewing
  9. I have a question aboout the blonde bombshell im suppose to have that come either tomorrow or weds... My question is that are there various of variations to tweak the recipe up like a different yeast instead of the HME yeast or should i still follow the recipe as is Brew On :banana: :cheers:
  10. Brian1179 wrote: check Mr Beer website, they are back in stock. I already have a hydrometer i would like just the sampling tube
  11. where can i find a 10" sampling tube for the hydrometer at my LHBS or a wally-world or something
  12. pete rose haircut wrote: I bottled my first batch of wcpa a week ago, used 2 clear bottles just so I could see what was going on, both bottles are clear except for a small bit of sediment on the bottom. the sediment on the bottom of the bottle is still trub.... from reading on the forums you'll still get sediment on the bottom of the bottles
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