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  1. damn my basement was clocked at 56 degrees my bottles were fairly cold and so was my keg what should i do i already moved to the bottle upstairs to get them to room temp i dont want to move the keg its only on its 3rd day of fermenting what should ido
  2. cant wait til I brew the OVL either still sitting on WCPA to finish right now but I do have another LBK on its way soon
  3. yeah thats true im not worrying about it i know takes time just asking
  4. ok so i just ordered another LBK and the blonde bombshell did it under the standard shipping... i dont know howlong the standard shipping is can someone let me know are they pretty quick with there orders or no
  5. ok cool just wanted to make sure
  6. I went to the store today noticing that a lot of you guys and gals use oxi-clean free for cleaning the LBK i thought it was a yellow top to the tub but what I saw today was a green top to it is that alright or no Thanks again and Happy Brewing
  7. the reason why I asked is because HCCD WWW OVL has to ope before may so I wanna cover my ass you know what i mean
  8. just to say if i dont have any hops because i cant make it to LHBS at the moment and only have the MB dry yeast
  9. is there any combos out there instead of using the same HME because I have OVL WWW and HCCD is there a combo between those 3 or no
  10. Welcome to the Borg youll find great advice here like i did Happy Brewing!! :banana:
  11. oh ok cool ill make sure that I keep thatin mind
  12. so basically you are saying stick with the 2 1/2 tsp for 1L bottles which I have and going less with the 12oz bottle right
  13. sorry about that my computer does it on its own i keep on forgetting to turn it off sometimes
  14. Welcome I too was like you at the begining of this week I gave the LBK a quick rinse to get the dust off the top and the sides as well as the inside too and then I sanatized everything like the instructions said. And the brewing part is your own taste and again welcome Happy Brewing
  15. just another question i have with looking at the directions on the MRB instructions on bottling they say 2 1/2 tsp per 1L PET bottle does that go for both table sugar and corn sugar or do i have to use that calc
  16. the priming sugar that i have all say dextrose on them according to trollby its basically corn sugar
  17. Thanks trollby you the best!! :banana: :cheers: :banana:
  18. oh ok cool i could find that calc. on the forum right
  19. trollby out of all the priming sugar that i have the majority of them said dextrose on them
  20. ok so basically try it out and see what i like better sounds like a plan just have to make sure i measure it right so i dont have any bottle bombs
  21. I have table sugar on hand too and I also have a ton of priming sugar too I just wanted to hear it out
  22. could just use any reg. cooler right if you already have one
  23. just another question to ask before I start bottling in the near future which is better priming sugar or table sugar like i mention in one of my recent post i have a lot of priming sugar that a friend of mine gave me so i kinda need opinions on which is better Happy Brewing :banana:
  24. so I checked the lbk this morning just for the hell of it or because I'm just anxiously waiting to try the beer I have noticed that the beer is not cloudy anymore and I started that brew on the 26th of Dec should I leave it for another week or take a try reading of it tomorrow
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