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  1. ok so i just ordered another LBK and the blonde bombshell did it under the standard shipping... i dont know howlong the standard shipping is can someone let me know are they pretty quick with there orders or no

  2. I went to the store today noticing that a lot of you guys and gals use oxi-clean free for cleaning the LBK i thought it was a yellow top to the tub but what I saw today was a green top to it is that alright or no

    Thanks again and Happy Brewing

  3. Welcome

    I too was like you at the begining of this week I gave the LBK a quick rinse to get the dust off the top and the sides as well as the inside too and then I sanatized everything like the instructions said. And the brewing part is your own taste and again welcome

    Happy Brewing

  4. just another question to ask before I start bottling in the near future which is better priming sugar or table sugar like i mention in one of my recent post i have a lot of priming sugar that a friend of mine gave me so i kinda need opinions on which is better

    Happy Brewing :banana:

  5. so I checked the lbk this morning just for the hell of it or because I'm just anxiously waiting to try the beer I have noticed that the beer is not cloudy anymore and I started that brew on the 26th of Dec should I leave it for another week or take a try reading of it tomorrow

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