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  1. yeah that would be awesome but i dont think he is gonna give those up easily he has atleast 10 carboys and 8 of them has wine in them at the moment
  2. he doesnt use it for the wine either this dude drinks that shit right outta the 6 gal carboy
  3. A friend of my doesnt bottle anymore doesnt use MB either and bought a hydrometer and never used it he told me to come and get it to make room for his wine carboys lol :banana:
  4. I just got 12 60ct bags of bottle caps atleast 24 bgs of 5oz priming sugar bottle capper hydrometer and 3 MB refills all for free
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the reply learning pretty quickly here
  6. Can you get this S-23 or W-34/70 yeast here on mr beer or at your LHBS?
  7. anyone know what recipe is good for black lager i cant seem to find the right one Happy Brewing
  8. sweet i just wanted to make sure even though its all over the board everyone has their own opinions. :banana:
  9. I know you guys get this alot I just wanna make sure that Im doing this right I have WCPA in the LBK at the moment noticing was reading that the temp for the ferment shpuld be 68-72 but my house is usually between 62-65 right now because its cold out at this time i just waant to make sure that its alright to keep going to the way im going or try an alternative heating source to maintain the right temp Happy Brewing
  10. thanks berryman i didnt even see that post that you toldme to read up on great info happy brewing
  11. Got my first mr. beer kit for christmas already have it brewing west coast pale ale..just wondering how it is and any suggestions on good ales?
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