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  1. Just get one of these and you won't have to worry about taking samples anymore! http://www.thebeerbug.com/
  2. I've made this recipe twice now and really like it. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it too. White House Honey Porter All Grain BIAB recipe batch size 2.5 gal 4 lbs 8.0 oz - Maris Otter (Crisp) (3.0 SRM) 8 oz - Caramunich II (Weyermann) (45.5 SRM) 6 oz - Caraamber/Biscuit (Weyermann) (36.0 SRM) 0.5 oz - Golding, Kent (UK) Hop Pellets [5.80 %] - Boil 45.0 min 0.5 lbs - Honey [boil for 30 min](1.0 SRM) 0.5 oz - Fuggle (UK) Hop Pellets [4.30 %] - Boil 1.0 min 0.5 oz - Fuggle (UK) Hop Pellets [4.30 %] - dry hop 1 pkg - SafAle English Ale (DCL/Fermentis #S-04)Yeast Check the big pot before you put the grain bag in to see if the bag will touch the bottom when clipped or tied in place. I clip mine with binder clips and it doesn't reach the bottom. If it does you need to add a metal collander or something to the bottom of the pot to make sure the bag doesn't touch the bottom or it could melt. Start with 3 gallons of water inis 5 gallon pot and have another gallon set a side. Heat the 3 gallons to 175 and drop the grain bag in. The water temp should drop to about 165. 155 to 165 is your range. Wrap pot in blankets or towels to help maintain the temp. Mash for 60 min. Bear the end of the mash heat another pot with one gallon up to 180. Using a broiler pan (the top part), clean of courselift the grain bag and let it rest on the grate or broiler pan and squeeze the liquid out. I wear a rubber/silcone oven mit and squeeze the liquid out. Then slowly pour the 180 degree water over the grain. Once you do this drop the bag into your ale pail with a colander upside down so it can further drip drain. Pour that extra bit in at some time during your boil. Now you have your wort. From here you are doing a 90 min boil. You will have maybe 3.75 gallons at this point of wort. You lose 1.25 gallons or so per hour of boil so you should end up with the right amount in the end. This is because you are doing a full volume boil,couple this with all grain will have the most positive effect on your final flavor Start the boil. Watch it like a hawk for the first 10 min of the boil to prevent the risk of boil over. Let it boil for 45 minutes before the first hop addition. From here follow the hop schedule of the recipe. Use the boil time to clean and sanitze the fermentor and hydrate the yeast. Once the boil is done cool the wort and rack it to the fermenter. Make sure the temp is between 60* and 70* before pitching the yeast. About 7-10 days in dry hop with the remaining fuggles hops.
  3. Ok so I had mentioned that I hadn't been feeling well and had a lot of time to read and I also worked on a recipe with a fellow club member (much smarter then me) to put together a recipe for National Home Brew Day. Bob actually contacted Bells and asked them about there Oberon beer which one of Bell's best selling and most popular. Since Bell's has a history firmly planted in homebrewing they were very helpful in providing hints and suggestions to create a Oberon Clone. Below is the email response from Bells Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the Oberon Ale. There are certain things about our recipes that we keep close to the vest, but I can offer some guidance. The malt bill is relatively straightforward: stick with 2-row base malt and a decent portion of wheat, something in the 40-50% range. Wheat can stick a lauter, so use as much of that range as you can within the limitations of your lauter tun; adding rice hulls can help improve the flow. If you are going the malt extract route, there are manufacturers that offer various wheat/barley malt extract blends that will work just fine. A touch of caramel malt will be all the color you need usually. Aim for a target original gravity of around 1.056 and moderate fermentability. The ABV should be just below 6%. Oberon uses several hops, but the signature varietals are Hersbrucker & Saaz. Target roughly 30 IBUs. Don’t be lured into using coriander or orange peel: Oberon is spice-free. You can culture yeast out of one of our bottles if you're comfortable with that; it's certainly the preferred option for a solid flavor match. Otherwise, the local homebrew supply shops around here have found that most people looking to clone one of our recipes lean towards ale strains with a straightforward ester profile & good attenuation. I hope this answers your questions. Good luck with the brewing! Sincerely, Gary S. Nicholas Bell's Brewery, Inc. 8938 Krum Avenue Galesburg, MI 49053 So with that knowledge Bob and I formulated the following recipe. Keep in mind Bob has been brewing for about 8 years and has won medals at both the State and Local levels so he knows what he's doing and I learned a lot while putting this together. Brewer: Louie Batch Size: 5.50 gal Style: American Wheat or Rye Beer ( 6D) Boil Size: 8.0 gal Style Guide: BJCP 2008 Color: 5.3 SRM Equipment: 10 Gallon Mega Pot Bitterness: 28.7 IBUs Boil Time: 60 min Est OG: 1.055 (13.6° P) Mash Profile: BIAB, Single Infusion Est FG: 1.014 SG (3.5° P) Fermentation: Ale, Single Stage ABV: 5.5% 9 lbs 2.7 oz Briess Two Row 6 lbs 1.8 oz White Wheat Malt 8 oz Carmel/Crystal Malt - 20L 1.0 oz Hallertauer 60 min boil 1.0 oz Hallertauer 30 min boil 1.0 oz Saaz 10 min boil 0.75 yeast nutrient - Wyeast (10 min boil) 1 pkg BRY - 97 (Danstar) dry yeast Bring 8 gallons of water to strike temp of 162* and turn off heat and insert grain bag and add all grain to the water. Mash at 154* for 75 minutes Remove grains and let drain Bring wort to a boil and add hops and yeast nutrient at the respective boil times above. Once all hop boils are done cool work to 65* or lower and pitch dry yeast. Let ferment for 3 weeks then bottle or keg as desired. I just brew this Saturday so I will let you know how it turns out. Bob said it won't be an exact clone but it will be a damn good beer! I hope you all found this helpful and interesting!
  4. "BigFloyd" post=369641 said:My chiller (using 1/2" tubing) has a few soldered slip joints but nothing like yours. If you haven't already done so, I'd suggest pressure testing the joints 20-30 minutes to make sure there are absolutely no leaks. I did pressure test it and I did have one joint that kept leaking that I had to re-solder twice. The other problem I had was with the hose connectors. Once I got those figured out it worked like a charm!
  5. "OikoEco" post=369570 said:Looks great! I take it that, with all the elbow joints, it passed its leak test with a 100%. Whatever works! Materials in my area are pretty expensive so I shelled out $50 and bought my immersion chiller online. They really make a difference! I think I ended up spending about $50 on the whole thing. $30 for the 30' of copper and another $20 for all the hardware to put it together. I thought about just going to buy a chiller but once I had the copper I couldn't afford to abandon the project and soldered on!
  6. "Monsteroyd" post=369586 said:Neat! A ton of work right there. Was this K copper or regular. I believe you could have done it with K because it is designed to bend, regular to not bend. Monty I think was either "R" or "Red" I'm not sure what they marked it as at Home Depot.
  7. Our water temp (city water) right now is about 45*. Not sure what it is in the summer but it will be interesting to see. The water pressure wasn't great on saturday since we had several people brewing/cooling/cleaning up at the same time so it might have been a little faster cool down if I had used it at home with better pressure. Screwy, I like the idea of the pre-chiller. I might just have to build one now!
  8. This is the wort chiller that I recently built. I started out with 30 feet of straight line 1/2" copper which I started out trying to bend as you can see from the bottom. After running into several problems with kinks and braking the copper with my attempts to bend it I gave up and decided to go a different route! I went back to the hardware store and bought 28 90* elbow and 2 45* elbows and used them with my existing copper to make my "Hip to be Square" wort chiller! Not quite what I had started out to do but it works really well. In fact I got a chance to use it yesterday on National Home Brew Day to cool down my first 5 gallon AG BIAB (more on that later) and it tool about 20 minutes to bring it down from 212* to 65* Not to shabby! [img size=300x500]http://www.beerborg.com/social/ow_userfiles/plugins/photo/photo_original_144.jpg I'm using a quick disconnect of the input. I makes it a lot easier to connect a hose and not have to worry about leaks contaminating your wort. [img size=300x500]http://www.beerborg.com/social/ow_userfiles/plugins/photo/photo_original_143.jpg Just wanted to show how it fits in my 10 gallon pot. [img size=500X300]http://www.beerborg.com/social/ow_userfiles/plugins/photo/photo_original_142.jpg Another view inside the pot showing how the intake and output look. [img size=500X300]http://www.beerborg.com/social/ow_userfiles/plugins/photo/photo_original_141.jpg
  9. Actually found the website that they bought them from!
  10. Went to my parent's home today to spend some time with them for the Easter holiday and I was presented with these custom pint glasses for my Birthday! The front says McBain Brewing Co. Est. 2013, Brewed & Bottled Livonia Mi. The back of the glasses are printed with "A Honest and uncomplicated brew". Very Awesome present! [img size=300X500]http://www.beerborg.com/social/ow_userfiles/plugins/photo/photo_original_135.jpg
  11. Hanging out! Come on by, everyone's welcome! :cheers:
  12. I've upgraded the software that was being used for the Tap Room! It now new and improved and with less calories! FYI, even though it asks for a username and password, if you just type in a username you should be able to sign in as a guest! :cheers:
  13. This is a really good resource for brewing with honey. http://www.honey.com/images/uploads/general/home_brew.pdf Welcome to the Borg!
  14. Testing some different software. Anyone want to help? Grab a brew and come on by! http://www.beerborg.com/index/taproom/testing
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