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  1. Not trying to offend anyone here but I do have a question and observation. I understand that the word in question can be offensive because of it's tragic historical implications however why is it acceptable for someone like Jerry Seinfeld to use that word to refer to a person and their attitude about distributing soup but not a person's brewing attitude? Do you not watch WWII movie because they use that word to discribe who the U.S was fighting? By banning a word and asking that it be removed is censorship and leads to an erosion of freedom and gives power to a word or phrase beyond is original intent. Out of respect for everyone here I choose not to use that controversial word but should I choose to use it in context I feel that I should be able to!
  2. "Boe1971" post=322041 said:The booster isn't a bad thing, I have used it in dozens of my brews, but a pound of DME will make a better beer. If it were me I would use a pound of wheat DME and the booster (or maybe half the pack of booster). That will give you a good beer with a little bit more ABV and good flavor. I agree. Use 1# DME and the booster to make it a really good beer.
  3. That is like way heavy dude! Congrats man! :party:
  4. LME = Liquid Malt Extract DME = Dry Malt Extract Both are every similar to the HME (Hopped Malt Extract) you get from Mr Beer is that it is Malt. The booster is basically just sugar that the yeast can eat to raise the alcohol level but it doesn't add much to the taste, body and mouth feel of the brew, whereas the LME or DME is actually going to help improve the beer. If you haven't read it already there some good information about adjuncts and ratios here on the forum that may help to answer your question more! Cheers! :party:
  5. Several of us were in the the taproom chatting and the question came up about harvesting yeast and how long you can actually continue to reuse harvested yeast! Theoretically there should be no limit to how long you can use harvested yeast but realistically what would be the limit?
  6. When I brewed this back in July I got a FG of 1.002. Ended up with about 13% ABV on this one! If you look at my original post on this one, the Nong said the FG should go down to 1.000 or below! http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/274727-first-cider-brewed#274727
  7. I saw on another forum that this is a pretty good match! I've never brewed it though! http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/1232/nm/Jamaica_Mon1 BTW Welcome to the BORG! :borg: :cheers:
  8. "yankeedag" post=319125 said: "bluegbb" post=319005 said:Thanks, can you point me toward your nong cider recipe? I'm getting hits but can't seem to find your base recipe. go here, scroll down, look at older posts. http://www.beerborg.com/index/borgblog/ This link may be easier to find what your looking for! http://www.beerborg.com/social/blogs/user/Yankeedag
  9. There are many ways to add different flavors to your brew, but make sure you pay attention to the ratios that you use the different adjuncts in your brewing. Make sure to read the adjunct thread here http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/65050-new-brewers-please-read-malt-to-adjunct-ratios :party:
  10. The pop bottles that Coke and Pepsi come in should be fine! The only ones that I would advise agains are root beer bottles as they may cause the beer to taste funny. :cheers:
  11. "HazardousBrewer" post=318174 said: "LouieMacGoo" post=318169 said:There is definitely a reason why Mr. Beer has been around so long! It's a quick, easy start that produces great beer! I wrote an article last year after I had been brewing for a little called "Why Mr. Beer?" that I talked about the attitude about Mr Beer kits from "old school" brewers and why I like it so much and the impact it has had on the home brew and micro brew industry! The link to your article doesn't appear to be working brother. I fixed the link but here it is again! http://www.beerborg.com/index/2012/06/why-mr-beer/
  12. Well, I'm not sure what's going on with this one. It's been 6 weeks since I brew this one and I have tried 2 bottles and both were rather cidery, in a not pleasent way! I guess I will just wait it out and see how it tastes again in a couple months!
  13. There is definitely a reason why Mr. Beer has been around so long! It's a quick, easy start that produces great beer! I wrote an article last year after I had been brewing for a little called "Why Mr. Beer?" that I talked about the attitude about Mr Beer kits from "old school" brewers and why I like it so much and the impact it has had on the home brew and micro brew industry!
  14. I posted this thread a few days ago, but there's some good info about growing hops and what to watch for. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/316611-grow-your-own-hops-rhizome-presale-for-2013 :chug:
  15. Winware Professional Aluminum Stock Pots [img size=300x300]http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51vmaPMFo6L._SX355_.jpg http://www.amazon.com/Winware-Professional-Aluminum-40-Quart-Stockpot/dp/B001CHKL68/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357841020&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=40+quart+al+kettle
  16. Placed my order for some Centennial and Cascade hops rhizomes! This should be interesting!
  17. If anyone is interested in growing your own hops! Arrowhead Hops is beginning its Hop Rhizome Presale for 2013. All rhizome varieties will be $3.00ea. for beerborg members (reg $3.50). Rhizomes will be shipped by late March/ Early April depending on weather conditions. Please visit http://www.beerborg.com/social/blogs/post/19 for more information! Shipping will be (1-6) $3, (7-12) $5.50 and 13-up $11.50. Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Galena, Magnum, Mt. Hood, Northern Brewer, Nugget, Sterling, Willamette
  18. :ohmy: I really don't think there is anything that you can do about the sugar now. If you used plastic bottles with the screw caps you should check them often and loosen them to release some of the pressure that will build up! If you used glass, I'm not real sure if re-capping them ever few days is a good idea or not! You would really have to be careful with sanitation if you tried to recap. The other thing I would suggest is to put them is a cooler in case one of the bottles break! Those bottles can really cause a big mess not to mention damage if the explode and are not contained!
  19. #14 - Wild Spirit IPA (6 gal) Brewed:1/5/13 #15 - Wild Spirit IPA (2 gal) Brewed 1/7/13 #16 - O E Pilsner (2gal) Brewed 1/18/13 #17 - Munton Hopped Amber Mod (2.5 gal) Brewed 2/5/13 Total = 8gallons 10 gallons 12.5 gallons
  20. I have 2 Red Baron Cappers one I bought, the other given to me as a gift and I haven't had a bit of trouble with them in the year that I've been brewing! The guy at my LHBS said the only time you would want to use the O2 absorbing caps is if you are brewing a big beer/barley wine that you are going to condition or keep for more then a couple of years!
  21. This is the recipe that I used and sized down to a LBK size brew http://www.homebrewing.org/assets/images/PDF/AIHrecipes/2HeartedClone.pdf
  22. When I first started brewing I didn't have a hydrometer! My friends here on the Borg said Louie, you need a hydrometer to make sure your beer is the best that it can be! So I bought a hydrometer! Now I loved my Hydrometer and my hydrometer loved me until one day it was sad and hid away where I could not find it! I feared that it had committed suicide like so many other stories I had heard of here on the Borg. So with a heavy heart I went and bought another Hydrometer and it was a nice hydrometer but I still missed my first one. :dry: Then one day as I was preparing to brew another batch of beer and bottle another previously brewed batch I found my first hydrometer! :woohoo: I was hidden away in a case of empty bottles! I was thrilled and my hydrometers were both happy because the had each other and I wouldn't have to worry about them being sad and committing suicide any more. Today I as I was brewing my daughter came in to the kitchen ah brewhall and picked up the my very first hydrometer in it's protective sleeve! The end cap came off and the hydrometer crashed to the floor shattering into many pieces. :ohmy: I am now on suicide watch until I can get to the LHBS to find a companion for my remaining hydrometer! The moral of the story! Be good to your hydrometers and make sure you have two in case of such cruel acts or unfortunate accidents and you will always be a happy brewer!
  23. Broadcasting my brew day live at http://www.beerborg.com/index/live/ Watch live and Chat in the Taproom at www.beerborg.com :party:
  24. The Nong has done it again! Quick Brew! Cheap, Easy and good! Kind of like an old girl friend I once had! :silly: :party:
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