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  1. This recipe may be dead for Mr. Beer but there is still a way to brew it. If anyone is interested. :evil:
  2. A few months ago the guy that runs one of the home brew clubs I go to pulled out a homebrewed Barleywine that was 10 yrs old. This was a 1 liter bottle that was sealed with a cork and was about 12% ABV and had been brewed with a lot of hops. It was one of the smoothest brews I had ever had. Very malty with a good hop flavor but not bitter. Someday I want to brew something with that! The trick I was told was to hit it with champagne yeast once the primary yeast is spent. Between that and the high hops it will make it last for years. He said he has one brew that is going on 18yrs.
  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that the Nong (YankeeDag for all you Newbies) has started posting articles on beerborg.com! Check out his latest article, Harvesting That Expensive Yeast :cheers:
  4. Yeah! What YankeeDag said! And welcome to the Borg! :cheers:
  5. Congrats! :cheers: :party: :barman: :banana:
  6. Thank you Dave! Although I have just started to think about this I have thought about keeping the malt bill simple and doing something to enhance the hops profile. I just need to be careful not to turn this into a bigger Imperial IPA. We haven't received the official rules for the competition yet just a heads up but this really has me excited to put something together and see what I can do. BigPapaG, yes just IPA. This is a small club only about 10 to 15 people in the group and one judge, Carl who runs the homebrewing and the club.
  7. Went to my LHBS the other night to attend a homebrewers meeting and they told us they are having a brewing contest and we needed to put together a classic IPA style. I'm thinking of keeping it simple but want to do an All Grain maybe a BIAB, or a SMaSH. Any suggestions? :cheers:
  8. "BlackDuck" post=304643 said: "BeerRx" post=304549 said:After a long long hiatus from brewing, I am finally getting back into it. Currently starting my 4 tap keezer build from a recent black friday chest freezer purchase. Bottling just wasn't my thing, kegs will be an investment but will be a much more enjoyable way to brew. I am really glad to see your follow through on this awesome beer idea. I read through your previous thread and this one sounds even better. PS I still have your beers from the meet up and plan to finally drink them this coming week. I'll send you any tasting notes I may have. :cheers: Dude...I was wondering where you went. Glad you're back. Hope everything is going good for you! This one version came out awesome. We should get together again so I can give your two PET bottles back, trade a couple of beers, and drink a couple of beers!! Don't make me come down there and show you guys up! Of course I wouldn't mind visiting Hal & Al's again! :party:
  9. So today I bottled my Two Hearted Clone and I noticed I was running low on caps for my bottles so I ran up to my LHBS to grab some more, well I started talking to my home brew homee, Carl and started talking about conical fermenters and he showed me his new toy from www.onederbrew.com . He hasn't had a chance to try it yet since he just got it in on Saturday. [img size=600X400]http://www.onederbrew.com/brewstore/img/p/2/8/28-thickbox_default.jpg I haven't heard of it before but it has been development for several year and it is an all in one brewery system, meaning you can ferment, condition carbonate and serve all from the same container! Starting at $159 for the all black ($169 for the clear cone version), not a bad price for what it claims it does. You can buy the DIY Kit for $99. The web searches that I have done seem to point out that some of the early product runs had some quality issues but the one that I saw today looked pretty good. No fit and finish concerns. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this or have looked into this at all. :cheers:
  10. Welcome to the Borg! :borg: This link should help for future reference for cleaning and sanitizing! http://www.beerborg.com/index/resources/supplies/cleaner/ :cheers:
  11. Welcome to the Borg Slappy and welcome to the obsession! The waiting is the headest part, but once I had my first brew in the fridge and drinking it I found it easier to wait for the other batches. Good luck and patience really pays off! :cheers:
  12. First welcome to the Borg! There's a lot of good info here and a lot of good people to help you! There are a few different options. One way you might want to try is a SMaSH which is Single Malt and Single Hop brew. If you do a search you can get some more info and some recipe ideas. Another option would be to try this Two Hearted Ale recipe. It's pretty easy and pretty damn good beer. Whatever way you go good luck and again welcome to the Borg! :borg:
  13. I bought a 1 pound container of what my LHBS called OneStep/EasyClean for $4. Considering you only need 1 tbl per gallon it should last me a good long time! I like it because it's cheap, it works well and I don't have to worry about rinsing or any additional steps.
  14. Went down to check on my brew after work today and found that the yeast had been very busy! :ohmy: There was gunk all over the outside the LBK and table is was setting on! :S Luckily it didn't make to much of a mess! It just makes me want to try this one that much more! :woohoo:
  15. These might help. This a quick chart of the different cleaners and sanitizers that are available. http://www.beerborg.com/index/resources/supplies/cleaner/ This one is a more indepth guide to keeping things clean! http://www.realbeer.com/jjpalmer/cleaning.html Cheers and Good Luck!
  16. No Worries Mate! That is normal and exactly what you think it is! Not only is it safe to drink some people actually prefer the taste of the trub at the bottom of the bottles! Oops! Sorry I meant to say that is very bad any you should not drink it! :whistle: In fact you need to send it to me so I can dispose of it properly and prevent you from having to deal with such a horrible problem! :laugh: :cheers:
  17. Boe, fermenting is really personal preference but I would say between 2 and 3 weeks to ferment. How much or how big of a batch are you hoping to get out of this recipe? It seems like it going to end up pretty small, less then 1/2 gallon. Maybe only a 1/3 of gallon once all is said and done. I would suggest you look at some of Yankeedag's Cider recipes and maybe reworking your recipe a little bit. All the sugar that you have is fermentable so it will produce a high alcohol level and low residual sweetness. If you look at the Nong Ciders you'll see he adds Lactose to help keep it sweet after the fermentation and conditioning. Adding the Lactose will also allow you to drink it sometime with in the next 6 months otherwise you may have to wait for it to condition out before it's drinkable!
  18. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to finally try a beer from Bell's called Two Hearted Ale. It's a really nice IPA that has a really nice flavor and body! So I started digging around and found a recipe for a 5 gallon extract clone for this brew. I did some work to pair it down to a 2.5 gallon recipe. Recipe Two of Hearts Ale Clone Style American IPA Brewer LouieMacGoo Batch 2.50 gal Extract Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.068 OG Estimated FG 1.017 FG Recipe Bitterness 51 IBU Alcohol by Volume 6.6% Recipe Color 5° SRM Alcohol by Weight 5.2% Ingredients Quantity Grain Type Use 4.50 lb Briess LME - Pilsen Light Extract 0.50 lb Crystal 10L - [body, Caramel, Head, Sweet] Grain Steeped Quantity Hop Type Time 0.50 oz Centennial Pellet 60 minutes 0.50 oz Centennial Pellet 20 minutes 0.50 oz Centennial Pellet 8 minutes 0.50 oz Centennial Pellet 0 minutes 1.00 unit Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast Yeast English: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS I brewed this tonight and man did it smell incredible! I'm really looking forward to :gulp: this one.
  19. Don't forget to check your private messages every once in a while, or drop in on the Tap Room!
  20. Unfortunately there most likely isn't anything available to replace the Cowboy Golden Lager just yet, but I have a hunch that you might find what you looking for after the first of the year! :whistle: Can't talk about it here! :dry:
  21. BD, that looks like a good recipe. I like Blue Moon but will always take a Bell's Oberon over a Blue Moon and have been looking at Oberon clone recipes. I found this article/recipe for a clone that I think I may try in the spring. Here is an extract version of the Oberon clone http://www.brewmasterswarehouse.com/recipe/d87af777/ Either way good luck! :cheers:
  22. Chance, Mash and Dave are right on with their suggestions. This hops reference chart might help you to see what's available and what different hops are used in what styles of beer. I hope you find it helpful! :chug:
  23. 13 gallon fermenter or grain storage $16.80 + shipping http://www.homebrewfinds.com/2012/11/13-gallon-food-safe-fermenter-or-grain.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  24. Here is a list of cleaners and sanitizers that might help sort things out. At the bottom of that page is a link to an even more in depth look at Cleaning and Sanitizing methods.
  25. "Duff" post=290402 said:This weekend I learned something that applies to beer tasting/judging. I was having a few drinks with someone who is a certified wine taster and BJCP judge. He would smell the sample and pick up notes of things that I just couldn't smell. I finally had to ask him if my nose was just damaged in some manner and his response was "You are not smelling with your mouth which is where a great bit of our sense of smell takes place." He suggested practicing sniffing with your mouth just slightly cracked. He said some people will give you exact measurements but it really is up to how you get the best sense of the sample. I could notice a bit more of the things he was talking about while doing so but he still was noticing way more. Very good tip Duff! Do you mind if I add that to the article? "Gluek" post=290717 said:Very good short simple guide to tasting! Not too complicated, but perfect for anyone being introduced to craft or homebrewing. Or anyone for that matter if they have ever thought about these things. For a person who hasn't had a variety of beers and wants to try new things, this is perfect. For example one might like sierra Nevada, then using the tips here, they can find out what they like about it and sample new beers of the style. Then even branch to other styles that have a certain characteristic they like. Now you have a whole new set of go to beers to sit back an enjoy. Well worth the effort, though I wouldn't call it effort, it's fun, especially reaping the rewards of drinking great beer! Very good Gluek, Thank you for pointing that out! Some times you just want to drink the beer! Other times you want to taste and know what your drinking! Either way's good! :party:
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