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  1. Recently I went to my local homebrew club and we talked a little bit out actually TASTING beer as opposed to just tasting beer. I have been playing around with what the "proper" way is of evaluating beer for a while and did a little research, :stout: , found some info online and decided to put together this article! I hope you enjoy it! http://www.beerborg.com/index/2012/10/beer-tasting-a-quick-guide/ :cheers:
  2. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=289579 said:Louie rules. So does BeerBorg.com Thanks Wings! There's some more stuff coming! So stay tuned! :barman: :evil:
  3. Hey Joe, I was looking at that Wayback Machine link and decided that site is no longer that it would be a waste to just let all that info just die so I started decided to move it over to beerborg.com. There's still quite a bit that I need to move over but you can find what I have so far at http://www.beerborg.com/index/resources/ If anyone sees any info there that needs to be updated let me know and I will make the changes. :cheers:
  4. I sneaked in and added an extra pound of sugar when you weren't looking! Seriously though that really isn't that big if a difference and your steeped grains may have gotten a bit more mash efficiency then you thought you would by squeezing it out several times.! Just guessing, since I really don't know specifically. Sounds like a great brew though! :cheers:
  5. "MrBeerCEO" post=288618 said: "swenocha" post=288615 said:A quick look at the new tallies show that Mashani is pulling ahead. I might be looking for hanging chads soon... (kidding... kidding... maybe. Ok, definitely kidding... ) Regardless of the outcome, this is the result for all of us: :party: EDIT: 250 votes? that's gonna be some wicked late voting, CEO! That would certainly blow this thing wide open for any of the six! So, if the Mr.Beer Community Servers can handle a vote every 25ms. and the polls don't close until tomorrow then how many..... Oops, never mind, this is not the group to start that with Cheers! MikeB You are such a trouble maker MikeB! I Like that !!!! :laugh: :chug:
  6. Thought I would pass this along! One day only! Coupon code winterbeer2012 http://www.northernbrewer.com/15-off-these-15-kits-1-day/?utm_source=The+Northern+Brewer+Newsletter&utm_campaign=002aee0d38-15BEERKITS092612emailsGQtoLO&utm_medium=email&ct=t%28NTL_White_House_A_B_copy_01_9_6_2012%29&gooal=eyJjaWQiOiIwMDJhZWUwZDM4IiwidGFnIjoiTlRMX1doaXRlX0hvdXNlX0FfQl9jb3B5XzAxXzlfNl8yMDEyIiwidWlkIjoiYTllZjQ5NzcxODQwZWJiZWVmN2RkZTc3OSJ9%7CbGVpZ2htY2JAZ21haWwuY29t&mc_cid=002aee0d38&mc_eid=%5BUNIQID%5D
  7. Heading to Fresno on Friday for work. I'll be there a few days and plan to hit a few brew pubs while there! Looking forward to it. :chug:
  8. The taproom is open. Grab a beer and come on by!
  9. "Christ872" post=285389 said:Louie~ I'll go one better than what Yankee did...I'd go do far as to suggest Mr.Beer pay you 2 of thenew craft series in exchange for the taprooms you already set up. I participated in chat there and really enjoyed it. The biggest issue (aside from bandwidth) was that it was harder for people...especially newer people...to find. If Mr.Beer put it smackdab on their site as anextension....problem solved. Invite MikeCEO in for a night and we can all show up and chat. Thanks Christ872, no offence to Mr. Beer or anyone else but I like the fact that it is separate from this forum and website. But as you know anyone can join in at the taproom anytime and everyone is welcome, including MrBeerCEO! Of course I'd be happy to help set something up here too since I have a little bit of experience at it.
  10. "FrozenInTime" post=285014 said:The tap room is nice, but it does have it's problems, NOT Louie's end, but the software itself is limited. I do love that we have a real-time chat room available to us! Working full time at my real job I have little time to develop it and even less money upgrade the software! Ah maybe some day the stars will align and I will have both time and money!
  11. "yankeedag" post=285010 said:try the Tap Room http://www.beerborg.com/index/ One of our own started it. Louie. Thanks Dag for th plug! :chug:
  12. "MrBeerCEO" post=284984 said:We are evaluating making an investment in some type of virtual meeting software to make available to the borg. If any of you have any experience with any platform that you would consider "Awesome", please PM me with the name if you know it, or the website that uses it, and we will get it one the list for consideration. We are looking for something that could support a large volume of users with both moderated or non-moderated sessions, preferably with delagatable moderator permissions , in real-time, possibly with 1 or 2 way video support. Thanks! Cheers, MikeB Mike, I'm a little late to the game here. I have been pre-occupied with life stuff. Not sure exactly what your looking for but if you want 2 way (or more)Video Chat Google Plus Hangouts might be the best way to go. I have seen it embedded on different websites and allows a reasonable amount of people to join the video chat. Another option that I have worked with is Ustream. I allows you to have a video stream with it's own built in live chat for people to comment on the content. This would only be 1 way video but it might be a good option depending on what your looking to do. At work we use a company called Webex which allow us to do screen sharing along with Video and voice (VOIP) and it has instant messenger chat too. This however would be more by invite only and people would need to have the conference code to sign in and participate. If your looking for something that will integrate into the community/forum, Joomla has a number of extensions that can be added to add anything from live text chat (i.e. Shoutbox) to video chat options. http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/communication/chat The one concern about a "self hosted" video chat option is that it my require considerable bandwidth for on the website. Not sure if that would be a problem for you or not. I hope this helps! Good Luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :cheers:
  13. The short answer is yes, it would work. But there is a big difference between using booster and using the UME. Using just the booster will make the brew thinner with a "flat" taste and mouth feel, where as the UME or another DME/LME will give a fuller taste and will make a big difference overall.
  14. Try using 1# of amber DME in place of the mellow Amber UME and maybe use pumpkin pie spice instead of the 2 spices listed just to give it a more rounded flavor.
  15. This is an archived recipe from the Mr. beer website but might try using the new American Ale or the Canadian Blonde refills in place of the old WCPA http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/146/nm/Pumpkin_Lager_Archived
  16. I've never saw it or had it before. I take it you don't like it?
  17. "packerduf" post=283238 said: "LouieMacGoo" post=283225 said:...One question:....and why would not just say use X ounces of whatever kind of hops? AA% changes from year to year, and from hop to hop. Ok thanks, so If I had a hop that had a 5% AA per ounce then I would need 2 oz to get a 10% AA or HBU. Correct? BTW the I ran these recipes through Qbrew and the ABV comes out pretty respectable! Honey Porter = 6.0% ABV Honey Ale = 6.4% ABV
  18. Actually I'm quite interested to see how these recipes taste. I mean really they can't be that bad and I would be willing to bet that they are better then the Mr. B American Lager and American Porter standard refill recipes. A Local Home Brew Club is actually considering using these recipes for their "Teach a Friend to Brew Day" in November since the recipes are pretty straight forward (easy for new brewers) and the resulting brews are fairly balanced and easy drinking beers. Not only that but this is great exposure for our hobby (obsession). It's like having a celebrity endorsement and may actually help the home brew industry grow which is good for all of us! I guess the bottom line is don't knock it until you've tried it, and I plan on giving both recipes a try. One question: In the Porter recipe it states to use "10 HBUs bittering hops". What exactly might be used as the bittering hops and why would not just say use X ounces of whatever kind of hops?
  19. Updates and conversation available! Come on in! The wort is warm!!
  20. When Mr. Beer came out with their new basic refills I was not at all impressed. I was worried that the company had lost it's way and I had no interest in trying these basic offerings at all. I felt that they needed to come out with something pretty damn compelling for me to buy a Mr. Beer refill ever again! And, Well I'm happy to say the Craft Series and Deluxe refills just got me interested again! I think these make a very compelling line up and If you catch them on sale a pretty descent value as well! To Mr. Beer I say, Good on ya mate! :cheers:
  21. Hanging in the taproom if anybody cares to join me! :cheers:
  22. Stop by and say Hi! got some interesting topics to talk about in the taproom!
  23. I love how you guys stayed on topic with this thread! :dry: BTW some interesting news over on www.beerborg.com/social
  24. "Beer-lord" post=279956 said:Is this a seasonal or just a new recipe? Either way, it's good news. I'm guessing that this is going to be a seasonal brew. But I agree with you that either way this is a good thing!
  25. Mr. Beer posted this picture on their FaceBook page! Very interesting!!!! :woohoo: [img size=300X500]https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/549478_10151033537153177_1698887878_n.jpg
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