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  1. Nice, i found O'Sheas online, and Fullerton is my hometown, i'll have to look for Addisons. Surprised i've never seen it...
  2. I just found www.labelpeelers.com seems like they have a good suggestion. Also for those of you going from oc to riverside, don't forget about carbon canyon, just take Lambert road all the way into Chino, hit the 71 or continue through Norco to the 15... Beats the hell outta the 91! (well for us north oc folks) from lake Forrest I'd probably take the 241 toll road through that coastal range that'll drop you onto the 91
  3. I am a new brewer, on steeping the grains, I'm reading that I will bring the water to 150f and let them soak at that temp for 45 minutes to 50minsr, then I should Get 2 or more gallons to 170f and place the steeped grains in a colander then rinse with the 2 gallons of water to ensure all the sugars and Starchesare gone. (sparging)? From here I put the grainbag in the LBK after I've poured he wort into the 4 quarts of cold water?
  4. Oh yeah, Happy New Years, in a couple hours!
  5. That's exactly what I needed to hear Bender, tell farnsworth thanks for running those figures, unless your bending protocols allow for beer calculations as well. Either way, thank you. And I'll definitely hit the LHBS for some DME because like Dag pointed out, I'm merely looking for something different, since my dad and I will be simultaneously brewing with the same kit. I guess we could brew the same thing and compare, but that just seems boring.
  6. I figured I would get some puzzled looks/remarks(whatever they are on the webz) for sticking with the pale ale instead of going wheat, B/c i thinks its a bit odd myself, but there are some apricot pale ales out there... Why I chose apricots even though they're not in season? Grandpa has a tree, and my dad has a tree (that's young) but I figured if I start with this bad boy, by the time summer comes around and the freshest juiciest apricots are ready to harvest, I'll be able to utilize that fresh succulent goodness, and I'm simultaneously brewing with my dad who is going to do the outta tha box recp. We haven't started yet, so I was just testing the waters, I suppose the Mr. beer system is so precisely made and simple to use, that by simply(in my mind) introducing a fruit as a flavor profile, it complicates the inherently simple process Mr. Beer has so conveniently packaged for us. I will head to the adjunct sticky now, as I think that's where my questions now lie. I.e., I do appreciate the welcomes and constructive comments!
  7. Apparently I should have asked for tips on brewing my first melomel?
  8. Because my pops is going to be making the normal stuff first, I'd like to be adventurous. Also, I didn't think it would be so complicated replacing one adjunct with another. Also, if this is homebrew, why would I make someone else's recipie? Why not just keep buying bottled beer? The whole point of homebrew is to be creative, at least to me, and explore.
  9. Fountain Valley here, are there any homebrew stores around? There's a million hydroponic stores if I wanted to grow hops... But can't I just buy them? LoL
  10. Canned fruit, not raw, although i do plan on eventually using raw, so i will heed your advice. As long as i can keep myself from snacking on my vodka soaked fruit. (mmm cherries and watermelons in vodka... not for beer, just for snacking) And I probably should take note to the most abundant advice out there, STICK TO THE NORMAL RECIPE, BEGINNER! But THANK YOU everyone for being polite and not ripping my head off(in the least bit) and telling me to follow the normal recipe or die a wretched death. I was just thinking that since my dad would be doing the straight-up recipe, i would stray a bit and try something a bit different, and hopefully not too advanced.
  11. Thanks for the quick replies, and info! Agreed on the funk that may come from the WCPA and Apricots, i may end up heading to BevMo or a Homebrew Store for a can of Wheat HME, but then again, whats art/science without trial and error. (although, i'm not sure what to expect from the WCPA[which would be a good reason to brew normally first]I'm more interested in experimenting, and having fun, i seem to learn best that way.) On to the wort making, will i skip the booster completely instead replacing it with the adjunct from the fruit(same weight/ammount of fruit/booster?), and then again adding the fruit 2 weeks later to create a flavor profile? "the ume(under the lid)That isn't "UME", that is yeast. BIG Difference. UME is a Un hopped Malt Extract."Thank you for correcting me, i put (under the lid) to clarify that i didn't know what i was talking about, only what i was referring too. [yeast] I will be placing my LBK in an ice chest(w/o ice) to help keep the temp. regulated, and to prevent the krausen from going crazy. And because I'm a bit concerned about southern California's climate, although i should be okay in an ice chest with some cool water bottles or something when necessary.) Would i boil the water only to add the HME and then put the fruit, wort in the LBK followed by the yeast? Let it sit for 2 weeks, then add more fruit and contain krausen explosions? Or would i Boil, add 6.25oz of booster(boil), 6.25oz of fruit(unboiled), HME(boil), add to LBK, etc...
  12. So I bought my dad a Mr. brew kit thinking I could pirate his beer for a few more years, but to my surprise I unwrapped the same Premium Mr. Beer kit from my girlfriend. Awesome. For my first batch I'd really like to use some apricots, I'm not sure how well it will pair with the west coast pale ale, as most "fruity" beers I have encountered are wheat beers,but I figured since its pale it might pair well with the light apricot taste. And it it's crap, I'm the only one who has to know! However, I am at a complete loss as to how to use the apricots. I've read the two sticked threads for FAQ and new brewers(as well as quite a few other searches that haven't given me the info I'm looking for), and I've gathered that I should probably put my apricot halves in the food processor, but what about the syrup? Should I have not bought my fruit in syrup? I remember seeing the Oregon fruit in the mr beer book, so I saw in the store what seemed to me, to be the same thing, with it's fruit in syrup? Also, I think I've also gathered that I should put the fruit in mesh bags, and put it in my fermenter maybe 2 weeks after I've started to let the initial beer ferment, thus allowing the yeast to utilize the flavor of the fruit instead of the sugars/starches? I was going to follow the regular recipie, 1 can WCPA, 1 bag of booster, the ume(under the lid) but how would I add the fruit? Do I only use half the booster, or all of the booster since I want the apricot taste and will be adding them later? Any links would be appreciated and read, as well as any info or knowledge you can help me turn into wisdom. Thanks!
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