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  1. So if I didn't take a reading before I fermented? No need to take reading now? I thought I read that you take a few readings during the fermentation and when it stops changing its done????
  2. I have another in the LBK. Canadian High Draft. Now I don't have anymore laying around to brew. Bummer! Going to get a hydrometer. I don't remember who suggested it here but I'm not sure how to use it. I've read so much here and now I'm confused. I thought you just tested and waited for the readings to stay consistent then it was done?
  3. Got it all bottled! Fedora Dave, you let it prime 2 weeks then condition for 2? By condition you mean sit in the fridge? Also I've been priming with white sugar. What is the difference in corn or honey? Taste or maybe harshness?
  4. THanks! I think I'll shoot a few bottles at 2.5 and then a few at 1.8 and see how I like it. Oh the wait!
  5. Recommendations on carb level?
  6. Since Sandy is coming its a perfect weekend to bottle and get another one started! I will try 2 or 3 CO 2 levels. I haven't had this one before. What are your recommendations? I've had a few wheat beers here at the local and I like them. But I don't remember how the carb tasted. I don't recall it being high. One more question about back to back brewing. Can I simply rinse the LBK with Luke warm water and the one step it and that's it?
  7. Note that 3.6 voluems of CO2 (or higher) is HIGHLY carbed. If you already don't like what you are getting, shoot for something more in the 2.5 volumes or less range. [/quote said:Definitely don't want it too high. I pulled the CO Volumes recommendation from the screwy site. 3.6 is the lowest they recommend for the Whispering Wheat.....I notice they recommend lower for other types.......Will I make a mistake going too low with this brew?
  8. I will try Screweys.....Haven't seen that before. What CO2 volumn would you reccomend for the Whisterping Wheat? I assume the lower the number the lower the carb? German-style Weizen (Weissbier) 3.6 to 4.48
  9. I'm on my 3rd brewing batch now. I got some whispering wheat in the LBK at the moment. This saturday will make 3 weeks. I poured a little two nights ago and it's still a tad cloudy. I'm inclined to let it in there at least another week. Is it conceivable it can be left in there too long???? Also, I'm still not very happy with my conditioning / carbonating. It's still just too "bubly". I cut the last batch of white sugar down from the recommended 2.5 to 2 and it was better but still too bubly. I'm not batch priming. Any suggestions? I like the beer taste but got to get rid of the soda pop bubble!
  10. My batch with the reduced sugar is going to be tasted on Monday. Can't wait!!
  11. I bottled on Sunday. I backed off to from 2.5 to 2 with regular table sugar. Will see how it turns out. The test taste from the LBK was interesting. Looking forward to trying this! Bubi
  12. Didn't take any gravity readings.......don't have one of those fangled machines thingies! I fermented the first batch for 3 weeks to the hour. This batch has also been fermenting for 3 weeks. I only did the taste test. Can I get a gravity reader locally someplace "cheap"?
  13. Thanks guys! I think I'll try the 4 domino dots as recommended by Russki for this round. I'm ready to go so it's easy. My last batch was definatly over carbed. The bottles were HARD as a ROCK! the caps were even beginning to bulge. I'll back it off and give it a try. Thanks....I'll report back in about 4 weeks!!!!!! The only thing I hate more than the wait, is bad beer!!! Bubi
  14. I'm getting ready to bottle my second brew. It's Vienna Lager. My first brew was West Coast Pale. It was ok, but pretty bubbly. Seemed over carbonated. I did some research and found opinions that table sugar causes a soda pop taste. That described my beer to a "T". So my question is what can I use besides white table sugar and how much to use? I'm bottling with the standard Pet bottles that come with the kit. Bubi
  15. Ok, I finished drinking my West Coast Pale Ale. It was ok good but 3 different friends all said the same thing when they tried it. Seemed over carbonated.......I followed the kit instructions with the amount of added sugar. Is this over carbonated taste part of the particular brew or do I need to tweek something next time? 2nd part of my topic is my next brew Vienna Lager. From my reading the difference in Lagers and Ale are the yeast fermenting bottom instead of top. Also that Lagers like to ferment colder.........Is this a "true" lager? Is the yeast fermenting on the bottom and should I be fermenting at a colder temp? It's been fermenting for about 4 days now at around, 65-67 degrees. Thanks!
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