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  1. Thanks for the help!Haven't been brewing for a while just getting back into it! Cheers!!!
  2. Thanks josh would I put them in a blender first I remember doing the cherry wheat and directions suggested it?
  3. Hi guys was thinking of brewing a strawberry blonde ale with mr beers Canadian blonde deluxe recipe? Have any of you guys done a strawberry blonde and If so do you use fresh or frozen and how much for a 2 gallon batch? also what about sanitizing?
  4. I use printer paper. I print out a photo I want cut it to size then make copies of them. Very basic stuff! I wet the back of the labels with actually milk! It works great!
  5. I've always used unscented non-antibacterial ivory hand soap! Also I use face cloths nothing to abrasive to clean the inside of the LBK.Then just rinse really well and towel dry.
  6. I have found that using a 1/2 teaspoon of table sugar in a 12oz. Bottle has always worked for me!
  7. Spucky

    Milk Stout

    Hi Rick I was just wondering because I did the same exact recipe a while ago and it came out way to carbonated! Glad to hear yours came out good!
  8. Spucky

    Milk Stout

    Good for you! When you bottled how much priming sugar did you have to use?
  9. I've always used table sugar! 1/2 teaspoon to a 12oz.bottle has always worked for me!
  10. Thanks I have the directions! it's just that I've read some guys use a ratio of one vanilla pod to every gallon? But I will stick to the mr beer directions to be safe! was wondering what other people might use? That's all!
  11. Thanks I'm actually doing the mr beer California dreaming recipe.Its calling for one vanilla bean pod.Thanks for your info
  12. Hi guys just wondering what some of you use when using a vanilla pod? I heard one pod to a gallon of beer is a good way to go? Thanks!
  13. Spucky


    Ok thank you! I just wanted to use them up maybe add to a recipe? They are still sealed. I'll make sure they don't smell like cheese!!!
  14. Hi everyone I have some warrior hops and some tettnanger hops leftover from the summer. They have been in the refrigerator all along. They seem to be sealed still. Are they still useable? Thanks!!!
  15. A little late but thanks guys for in info!!!
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