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  1. One option to improve the adjunct to malt ratio is to add malt extract AND booster. Of course that will make the brew less hoppy than just HME plus booster.
  2. You could go with maple extract. All the flavor, none of the sweetness. I've heard cautions about molasses--that a little can go a long way and that it can quickly overtake a brew.
  3. It would be more bitter than usual for the style, but drinkable (if you like bitter). Using a wheat malt extract (liquid or dry) instead of the booster would keep it closer to as intended. Dry malt extract is cheaper than the UME cans, so it's what I did. You planning to use fromunda or a different yeast? A lot of folks report better results with more yeast than just the old one packet.
  4. Brothers AND sisters, Christ872 :-P
  5. If you can find a local homebrew shop, that may be your best bet. How much it costs online is largely based on shipping for something as relatively inexpensive as malt extracts. Northern Brewer, Austin Home Brew, Brewmasters Warehouse are all good options, as are many others. Amazon has some malt extracts, but of course you have to watch out for shipping cost differences there, too.
  6. I have 3 batches ready now. Time to make more is hard to come by. If plans for a get-together solidify, somebody email me so I can chime in!
  7. The OG on the Mr. Beer site is often a bit higher than is seen in real life, don't worry about it, dankirk. As long as you don't mind hoppier, then yes, by all means try a double HME batch. And yes, the premium ones are designed to be 2 HME cans. My first batch was 2 WCPA and a booster. Hoppier than I like, but still decent beer.
  8. You actually can use bread yeast, but not bread machine yeast. If you're going to use bread yeast, you have to use a regular packet of yeast, not quick/rapid rising or bread machine yeast. Bread yeast is an ale-type yeast, just bred for different characteristics. I'd link you to someone's experiment where he used bread yeast, but that site is down at the moment. The yeast has such a big impact on the brew, though, I would only use bread yeast if it has the characteristics you are looking for. There are many sites online where you can find yeast if you can't find a local home brew store (LHBS). You can order more of the basic Mr. Beer yeast, but given that it's only 2g per packet the price isn't that great. Information on what various yeasts can bring to the beer can be found many places, including: http://www.byo.com/resources/yeast
  9. While they don't look as nice and aren't UV-resistant, you can also use well-cleaned soda PET bottles (with their screw-on caps). Sure, I wouldn't use them for anything you plan on aging for any length of time, but they are certainly usable. I know I can empty more soda bottles, since I can drink soda at my desk and in my car...
  10. I definitely hope I can make it to MUG gathering next time, but meanwhile if anyone wants to do lunch or something, let me know.
  11. Mid 60s is actually safer--sometimes the heat from initial fermentation can make things in the LBK get too warm and you run risk of off flavors. As for the krausen, yes, it slows down after a bit, no worries. Also, most brewers I know use more yeast than is supplied with one Mr. Beer HME. Two or three packets will make it less likely the yeast gets stressed and produces off flavors. Buying other yeast is good, too--a lot of the character of a beer can be from the yeast.
  12. Jacylrin is out. I'll be in NYC for a funeral. 3 deaths in a week, 4 within a month. Other than the birth of my niece, the last month is fired.
  13. Haven't been to the one in Falls Church, but Jay's Brewing is now set up in Manassas on 28 (just moved from Clifton this week). Excellent customer service and very friendly. http://stores.jaysbrewing.com/StoreFront.bok
  14. If it's too sweet for your tastes, there happens to be a local to you brewer with a sweet tooth. Just saying ;-)
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