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  1. I'm not an expert by all means (I've only brewed 1 batch myself), but everything I've read so far would suggest that distilled water would be very unfavorable. There are various other chemicals/minerals in water that help impart a final flavor to your beer. Water chemistry seems to be another important part of the brew. Since distilled water has most 'impurities' taken out, it might have a negative effect on your final product. I would say find a bottled water that you prefer the taste of over distilled.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the help. Bottles are now in the bomb shelter in the closet and now time to hurry up and wait :-) Can't wait to see how it will turn out!
  3. Thanks to yesterdays discussion, bottling day for me has arrived. My bottles are soaking in the sink in oxyclean (which was suggested previously, and I was skeptical... till the bottle labels started jumping off). Current supplies: table sugar, bottles, caps, standard mr beer tap, lbk, dishwasher. My major concern is preventing aeration in the bottle while pouring. It appears this could be an interesting situation, trying to minimize the angle of the bottle and push the tap back. Thanks in advance for the advice, suggestions.
  4. Favorably for me, i had a passion for wanting to brew before I got the LBK for christmas. I was waiting till a 5 gallon bucket/carboy kit was an affordable purchase, and I could convince my wife to let me buy one. I didn't really know about the LBK. Since getting the present, I've purchased palmer's How to Brew (and am about 2/3 of the way through it). I'm at that 'Too much knowledge, not enough experience'. I guess the borg allready started assimilating me before I knew what was going on :-) For me the LBK isn't the passion, it's the tool to help me perfect my passion :-)
  5. Thanks guys for your responses so far. It appears that the thoughts are already starting to go the way of favoring bottle conditioning time over the cleaning up by the additional fermentation time. Thanks for the input!
  6. Hey guys, I'm calling upon your wisdom and experience to help me make my first batch turn out as spectacular as possible! Warning: this might be a little overly analytical, excessive, and ocd; especially for my first batch. The recently decided goal: To have my first batch drinkable by the superbowl. The question: Which tradeoff to make: The initial decision for first batch: 3 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks conditioning in the bottle. (7 weeks required) The dillema: 2 weeks in to fermentation, 4 weeks to superbowl. (only 6 weeks for the job) Currently the beer is sitting at about 1.011 gravity (with some small bubbles on the hydrometer... couldn't get all of them off). I don't remember the name of the first batch, but was included in the mr beer and is very light in color. So, (sorry for the sporadic explanation) should I cut the fermentation to 2 weeks and allow the bottle conditioning to last 4 weeks, or should i cut the bottle conditioning short and keep the fermentation at 3 weeks. Also, has anyone tried putting the priming sugar mix into the LBK and mixing before filling the bottle?
  7. Yeah, I loved that place. I worked there as well actually.. a few years back, in the kitchen. I actually would love to make a 'Charlies Barley' clone, lol...
  8. Sweet. Thanks for the quick reply, and good to know.
  9. One of the refill kits that was purchased as a gift for me was the Octoberfest Vienna Lager. My main concern with this at the moment is the fact that the name says it's a Lager. The steps online states the normal ale brewing steps. (hence the ale/lager confusion). Is it fine fermenting at room temp, or should it be lager fermented? Also, won't be brewing this anytime real soon... my inaugural batch will be finished up next weekend, then it's on to the Irish stout! So i have time to make preparations if need be. Thanks guys!
  10. dferron - thanks for the link (it appears that all bottles I have saved will work) and a hydrometer is the next thing i plan to purchase ( hopefully before my next brew). Can't wait to stop looking and guessing. Lot 8 - Thanks for the tip, will definitely try that out.
  11. Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I've been wanting to brew for a while now, and got a Mr Beer for Christmas. I started my first batch Christmas day (The starter kit that came inside it). The obsession has begun . Also I have a quick question for you guys... I have been building up a collection of used bottles and wondering what the best way would be to go about cleaning them and removing the labels from them?
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