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  1. Reading about different sugars for priming, and that cane sugar may not be the best option, something about protein chains, molecular structure, it's reading a Bill being considered by Congress. Have made two batches so far,didn't turn out bad, one just started and two more starting soon. I need a bit more carbonation. If I want to use something other than cane sugar anyone have recommendations? I think I will try batch priming as I have 4 LBK's now. Also why not use Booster? Anybody ever try that? I am using 1pt PET bottles to bottle right now, but soon be going with 12oz glass bottles.
  2. Hey guys, little off topic, but quick question: How much yeast is to much yeast. I just did my first batch, turned out pretty good I am pleased to say, but seemed a bit sweet. Only used supplied packet, and wondering if I should use more yeast. Thanks.
  3. Well the Bomb shelter wasn't needed, and I am still married. BUT the bonus is the beer ain't to bad...think I am gonna enjoy this new hobbie allot. Thanks for the help.
  4. A Bomb shelter...I am dyin' here laughin' Thanks guys, gonna do it right now.
  5. Ya got a newbie here so type slow will ya? The HME comes with a packet of "Brewers Yeast" I see you guys talking about additional yeast and other types of yeasts. Can anyone give a quick explanation/education on these two items? Also, what is the best temperature to have the wort at before adding yeast, and thanks for the tips from Skrewie, was very helpful and interesting.
  6. First time out, so I used on pack booster and one HME...nothing fancy. Bottle BOMBS? Hope this isn't my first and last try. I know they won't kill me (the bottle bombs), but...my wife might. Thanks!
  7. I had the same questions...but...no FRIEGIN patience. I bottled up about and hour ago and starting my second batch today. So guys, with only 7 days in the LBK, what can I expect? Also, I love wheat beers, that's what I'm doing next..any tips, besides be patient...which I promise I will be this second time around..
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