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  1. Sounds like a blast! I've made several 5 gallon batches ( from extract) and I "feel the bug" to go AG. Soon... very soon.....
  2. And it just keeps getting better! I am sipping High Country Canadian Draft. Added some Cascade Hops, and WHAMO!
  3. Just tossed in an ounce of Cascade Hops. Made a difference!
  4. My second was the Vienna Lager ( with no modification), also a sucess. My third is the High Country Canadian Draft with some Cascade Hops added directly to the LBK. Since I had never tried this recipe but was anxious to try some hopping, I just threw them in! Very pleased, tasted a bit like Sierra Nevada.
  5. Just tasted my first.....second one is in the LBK
  6. Just the standard West Coast Pale Ale that came with it... Seeing as it was the first time, I did not want to "gamble"
  7. technical difficulty...lol
  8. Just drank my first... a bloomin sucess!
  9. Ahhh... Yuengling.... not distributed out here in Arizona, but I sure recall it fondly from when I lived in Philly and South Jersey. ( Willingboro/Burlington)
  10. Surely a city as big as Phoenix must have many other homebrewers.... Where are y'all???
  11. Being a newbie myself, I decided to try "minimium" times for the first batch. I waited seven days, drew a taste; it tasted like flat beer, so I bottled it. This Sunday, will be a week in the bottles, I plan on chilling one for 24 hours, and giving it a taste. Then as an experiment, my second brew, ( started right after bottling), I will give 2weeks before bottling, then 2 weeks of carbonating. The only thing that doesn't come with the kit is PATIENCE.... Good luck!
  12. Thanks. I'm contemplating some grain on my next batch, and was a tad intimidated, but you made it seem easy.
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