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  1. ...theoretically speaking, of course. Life has been insanely busy over the past two months, so I've had a batch of Novocaine in my LBK for 8 weeks. I just cracked the lid tonight and it smells very barleywine-ish, so that's a good sign. Any ill effects of leaving it in there so long? I'm going to bottle tomorrow unless you guys talk me out of it. Please advise. :chug:
  2. Doesn't really matter either way. Some like to weigh down the sack as well so it is submerged, not floating.
  3. I haven't brewed either one before by themselves. I think I'll go with the Mad Dog first, then the ADIPA once my Novacaine LBK opens up.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same as you, go 15-20 on the boil and add the Cascades with a week to go in the fermentation. Anyone else have any input on which HME/UMEs to use?
  5. The sack I boiled last night for my Novacaine is barely floating on the top, the one I didn't boil is floating.
  6. I'm getting ready to brew up a batch of IPA this week and I'm looking for a little direction as far as what to use from my stock of goodies. I currently have the Mad Dog IPA refill, which consists of: 1 Can Cowboy Golden Lager HME 1 Can Mellow Amber UME 1 Packet Northern Brewer Pellet Hops 1 Packet Columbus Pellet Hops 1 Packet Cascade Pellet Hops. I also have 2 cans of the ADIPA HME, along with plenty of booster. What sort of recommendations do you guys have as far as combining parts of these recipes? Should I just stick with the Mad Dog recipe? How about swapping/adding in some of the ADIPA HME? How about hop boiling times? The MDIPA instructions say to boil the Northern and Columbus for 5 minutes and to toss the Cascades in before you seal it all up. Thanks in advance for any advice given. The hoppier, the better!
  7. Add me to the list! I have a WCPA batch bottled and ready to drink, fermented for 3 weeks, been bottled for close to 3 also. Tried the first one last night, not a lot of head but nice, consistent carbonation. I'll be taking a handful of them to our Super Bowl party tomorrow for everyone to try!
  8. Sounds like some great recipes guys. I'm going with a modified ADIPA for my next batch, just not sure which one yet. The hoppier, the better.
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