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  1. anymore updates. is this bottled yet?
  2. i brewed 5 gallons of classic american blonde with briess light dme, and it turned out great. 1/2 lb in the brew and 1/2 lbs to carb, although it did seem to take just a little longer to carb.
  3. they still have the bewitched red ale instock and also the creamy brown ume you all better stock up! i did last night i bought enough for a couple 5 gal batches.... :chug:
  4. RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can Octoberfest Vienna Lager HME 1 Can Pale Export UME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Can Dark Sweet Cherries in Heavy Syrup 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser YOU PR0VIDE: 1 Cup Honey 1 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Ginger 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon 1/8 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Cloves 1/2 Teaspoon Pure Almond Extract
  5. yeh i think they changed to links on the left too i can see them better tonight.. last night was bad...
  6. the font for the links on the left suck.... they are too hard to read they need to be darker, not light blue. but thats just my .02 cents.
  7. just fyi the wording on the left is really hard to see... it needs to be fixed.........................bold black or somthing darker than light blue
  8. my reason for asking is i want a brew that is a rich red color. not st pats day... is there a mr beer recipe that anyone has done that is a real rich red color? specifically using american devil ipa. thanks
  9. has anyone one ever added food coloring to there beer to make a specialized color for there brew? if so when did they add it and what colors? thanks for all the input. pics would be good also. or is this a no no...
  10. did you follow the defibrillator doppelbock recipe? click here!!!! or did you come up with your own mix.... curious.
  11. here is a nifty lookin product but looks kindof spendy to get it though. i have not tried myself but someone on here about 2 months ago said he had them and worked good. click here!!!!
  12. i use homebrew kit master...... link
  13. BUMMED for the weekend. all lbks full and cant brew anything, and nothing to drink, i got outta sink and have no bottles or keg to drink they are all conditioning. so i guess i will finsih my sam adams spring that i have in the fridge.
  14. never mind forgot what i was going to say
  15. enjoy, i will be doing the same i have a whole batch of wcpa 2 week fermented, 3 weeks carb and condition, the boys and i will be drinking them up during the game, GO PaTS..... i did cheat the other day and drank one just to make sure they were drinkable for the game and im sure all will be pleased.
  16. hehehe !!!!another one got biten. that darn bug seems to be going around, enjoy and have fun. but seriously brew some base recipes straight up and you will enjoy them, then you can start modding but start out with little changes dont ruin it and give up.
  17. here is a pic of mine after 2 weeks carbing and i thought it turned out great, but i racked to a slimline and batch primed with 3/4 cup water and 14 tsp of table sugar boiled then cooled a bit, and put in slimline prior to draining lbk into it.
  18. stupid question but did you make sure all your caps where all on tight? if plastic pets they gotta be good-in tight. and if glass bottles did you use twist off bottles or pry offs? dont use twist offs.
  19. i will also be drinking my first batch wcpa during the superbowl, go pats.......i have cheated i drank one at 2 weeks carbing and it was good. i put 5 in the fridge a 3 weeks in the bottle, and i put 3 in last night 4 weeks in the bottle, and i will be compareing them all during the game. so the 3 week bottles will have been cold for a week, we will see. wish me luck
  20. good stuff, there is really so much some people dont know about beer.including me. thats why i read these forums.
  21. congrats, and i am also enjoying my new hobby, happy many good brews to come.
  22. i think its a good thing but it is a preference, i like to keg the lbk trub to a minimum so i crash and then batch prime.
  23. i use walmarts sun oxyclean- chlorine free, and its not just for laundry, it seems to work good.
  24. dave nailed on head. good suggestion. i never had a bad beer in season or not.
  25. go ahead and bottle, your golden, it will also clear a little while carbing and conditioning. happy brewing
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