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  1. Hey Jayman, for 30 years I drank what I thought was "good beer". Once I started brewing my own beer, I quickly realized that what I thought was good beer was actually pure, unfiltered crap! Now I love the darker, maltier beers. My taste buds have awakened and I can't go back to the Coors Lights, Miller High Lifes, etc. What I did was I order one of each of the beers that Mr. Beer sells. I haven't had a bad batch yet, although now I prefer the Porters and Stouts. My younger self would not have even tried those. Glad I have matured into a well seasoned, beer drinking machine now. Happy brewing, Brian
  2. I am! Same people run that page. I love it!
  3. While not as high tech as labels, I color code my caps. I started out using colored markers, but found that some cheap fingernail polish works best. I put a dot on each cap, and have a dry erase board by my bar with the name of the beer next to that color. If it says Black Tower Porter (green keg) or American Devil IPA (yellow bottle) Then I know what I have and where it is. The dry erase board makes changing the info very easy.
  4. I just got a new shipment today! It included 2 new locking spigots and 1 bottling wand. I will be bottling tomorrow, so this was perfect timing! I am excited to use them! Brian
  5. Looked like a great time! Thanks for posting the pics! Brian
  6. I too shared some with my coworkers on Sunday. Wont get any feedback until Friday and Saturday, when I see them again. I brewed my St. Patrick's Stout with honey. Sure did taste great! I also think you have a sweet label. Brian
  7. The Peckerhead Brewery is out of business. I moved to D-ville in 2001. It's not so bad here. I lived in way worse places! Think I'll go pour me a St. Patrick's Stout now. Later! Brian
  8. Hey Wildman, let me know how that Scottish Wee Heavy turns out. I ordered some to ship on 3/15. Flyby, you are south of I-20, right? Brian
  9. Wow! That's awesome! Maybe we can get together and have some brew tastings. I have 2 kegs going now and a batch conditioning in bottles now. What part of D'ville are you in? I am actually just north of the Douglas/Paulding county line on Hwy 92. Brian
  10. I just brewed up a batch of a modified Blue Lightning. I used a WCPA and some organic agave nectar in place of the HCCD and honey. I also used 12 oz. of frozen blueberries that were pureed. It smelled good in the keg, so I will be anxiously waiting til next month when I can finally try it. Just a quick question: has anyone else used agave nectar? It is much thinner than honey. Thanks, Brian
  11. I do exactly as KZ does. Never had a bad beer yet come out of my swing top bottles. Brian
  12. Thanks for all the help! As I now have a 2nd LBK, I wont have a problem waiting. I use one LBK to brew 'simple recipes' and the other to experiment with. I appreciate all of your help guys! Brian
  13. Is there a difference in fermenting times when you use honey? I brewed a batch of ST. Patrick's Irish Stout, and used half of a Booster pack and used some honey in the wort. I had planned on doing 2 weeks in the LBK, but a coworker said that honey takes longer to ferment than sugar. He also said that by adding honey to the mix what I made was meade, not beer. Since I am new to brewing, this was my first 'Frankenstein batch' where I deviated from the recipe. It smelled great on the stove, so I hope it turns out. Thanks for any help you can give! Brian
  14. Joe, You must let me know how this turns out! I hadn't thought of adding chocolate, but know I want to do that as well. I will be anxiously awaiting! Brian
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