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  1. thinking of making this my next choice. any suggestions I should consider :gulp:
  2. i didn,t check the original gravity of my first batch of west coast pale ale. what have anybody found it to be. I used only what came with my kit.
  3. do i add the mccormick orange peel to the wort or put it in a sack
  4. Hello planning to start a batch of whispering wheat. Found a receipe on here which includes adding corriander and orange peel. how do you add these items to the wort. he says to crush the corriander and I guess put it in a muslin sack. do you do them same with the orange peel or add it direct to the wort. thanks for your time :silly:
  5. Do you put both the corriander seeds and the orange peel in a sack. or add the orange peel straight into the pot
  6. I did add it to the cold water already in the keg but I did not wait for it to cool before I put the yeast. It is sitting know at 65 degrees and appears to be fermenting
  7. I already started my first attempt to make beer and one thing I did that worries me is pouring the wart into the keg right after I dissolved the hme. How hot of a boil should I make it and what temp should it be before you poor it in the keg :woohoo:
  8. yes I already ordered another keg with whispering wheat and would like to add honey to it. I read that I can add it in place of some of the booster. :cheer:
  9. well started my first attempt and using west coast pale ale. any tips or suggestions. it is already in the lbk.
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