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  1. The "Worst of the Smell" will come when you are actually doing all of the boiling. There is no discernable scent during the fermentation that I have ever been able to smell and I keep my LBK fermenting in a small closed closet (I.E when I open the closet I smell nothing in there. Open a window if needed during the wort formation, but not even that smell should be worse than cooking most foods...
  2. +1, I can see how certain smells might not be considered to pleasing, but I enjoyed them and I would be hard pressed to see any of them as "foul"
  3. Thanks Swenocha, and all
  4. Here is a question.... Where is everyone's favorite place to buy supplies online?
  5. to cold is not nearly as detremental as to warm to the best of my knowledge. Too warm=death and off flavor, to cold= slower/minimal fermentation. If you have the patience as well as the hydrometer you will be finnnnnnneeee
  6. I want my beer now..... ohhhhhhh goddddddd
  7. blackpowderbrews wrote: Fat Pete wrote: by the way, may want to call up Miller/Coors too, their Home Draft bottles also have a big ole number 3 on the bottom of the bottle. Been refilling the Home Drafts with my home brew for a few months now, also with no ill effects.... I took up smoking a month or two ago too, no ill effects from that either. Must be safe. Ohhhhh nice comeback
  8. "Pipeline" that was the term I could not figure out on my own earlier tryign to explain it to someone. Now it is part of my homebrew vocabulary hahah
  9. The sediment isn' going to hurt you, just give you something to chew down with your beer haha, but in all seriousness I would always pour into a glass
  10. +1 to Boe.... that is an amzing idea
  11. my vote is that I am brand new to all of this as well. As such from newbie to newbie, I would encourage doing a few of the pre set up batches initially to work out any kinks or errors in your methods, and THEN consider going with substitutions and recipes. I know my big one that I am waiting on doing is an oktoberfest type lager. I also know that I have 2 or 3 months to go before I will have to get it done in time for the fall. Just advice, use it as you will.
  12. So when you bottle it, you are giving the yeast some more sugars to live off of, hence the carbonation without the off flavors. Then when you stick it in the fridge you are dropping all of the yeast out of suspension, as well as inactivating it, hence no dieing and off flavors with appropriate bottling? ughhhhh so much to learn
  13. I tried my blond ale today which has been in my LBK about 9 days and it tasted amazing (minus being flat) it is killing me to not drink it.
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