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  1. Hey Everyone! Just cracked open my first bottle of the West Cost Pale Ale from the frig. Did 10 days in LBK then 7 after bottling then 2 in frig before now. I am getting a bit of a sweetness to it... is this a conditioning issue? Thats my guess from everything I have read. When I bottled it just tasted like flat beer with no sweetness... other than that it is pretty good.. defiantly has all the alcohol content.. hence the face! haha One liter after a 4 hour drive in the snow home from work is good stuff! I guess it could have tasted horrible and I wouldn't have cared! haha It is really cool to taste every step of the brewing process.. to see the progression.
  2. Hey Everyone! Thanks again for the tips fellow apartment brewers! I ended up finding a great spot next to my water heater in a closet. Got a thermometer to keep track of how consistent the temp is and it stayed perfect! Going to be bottling my first batch (west cost pale) on Wednesday. Giving it a few extra days to play it safe. Which works better for carbonation.. corn sugar or reg cane sugar? -Nate
  3. hello Everyone! Just got home from spending the holidays with family and to my surprise i got a MR Beer kit for Christmas!... YES! Brewing is something I have wanted to start doing for a long time now but i live in an apartment so those larger 5 or more gal kits just wouldn't work. So this 2gal kit is perfect! Does anyone else brew in an apartment also? Any tips or tricks? Also is there a list of all of the abbreviations you all use on this site? like the LBK (Little Brown Keg) Anybody have any really bitter and hoppy recipes, like victory's hop devil?
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