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  1. If you have more corn then you can tolerate in a life time send it my way... I have butter, salt and the Grill all waitin.
  2. After thought: If your going to add sugar... pick up some Corn sugar from your local brew shop.. will help the taste compared to using table sugar..
  3. Try adding other fermentables if you must. like Honey or even CBW LME's
  4. Theres many different ways to condition. MB instructions say to do it in the bottle. some people use an extra lbk and go for secondary fermantation (with with these recipes isnt needed). I have found that the longer MB beers age the better they taste. Its all in personal preference.
  5. I had the same issue with the Wyeast having already being expanded when it arrived. during brewing i cut the inner yeast pack and mixed it all together. Its been smelling delish for the last month and a half and I'll get to bottle mine on the 28th!! cant wait.
  6. They work about the same as the Twist off MillerCoors cans.. the trick is finding the right capper
  7. how long were your new found friends lost??
  8. I like to add Briess CBW lme's to help with the taste and consistency. Different yeast helps too
  9. I am in the process of polishing off the rest of the 'witty monk'. Used the deluxe refill and followed the recipe to the letter. I'm not very impressed and feel that it lacks the wheat flavor and feel. Bit lite on the mouthfeel and if you follow the carbonation directions it develops a bit of a cidery taste as it ages.
  10. I am researching burners to start doing 5gal AB batches. Ive looked at the usual places ie: Northern, Midwest, etc and have gotten a few ideas. Price wise I found GanderMountain to carry a 15" propane burner and stand for $50. http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Masterbuilt-Cooker-Stand&i=428774&r=view&aID=505S2&cvsfa=2586&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=343238373734&s_kwcid=goobase_goobase_filler&cID=GSHOP_428774 has anyone used this product or something form that company? Does it work well? Complaints?
  11. Another Idea is use a different Yeast. Unfortunately alot of the time the yeast under the lid is not enough to do the trick. Ive gone to my LHBS and picked up packets meant for 5gal batches and tossed them in and have had better results then using the single 3gram packet under the lid.
  12. "eze2000" post=329864 said:I think I'm starting to see the light here. I have a home brewing shop nearby and I can get complete reverse engineered brews like magic hat # 9 kits for $54 and do 5 gallon batches and I think thats the way I'm gonna go in the future cause I enjoy this but it really pisses me off if this company wants to give shitty instuctions to sell meore product. Magic Hat is one of my fav... whats the name of the shop and do they ship?? lol What I have found out about MB instructions are that they cover every product they sell. From the beer to root beer to cider. If they print off one set of instructions that cover the basics they save money. Setting up this forum is what gets others talking about how to make better quality from their products. I too have picked up a 5gal kit from Better Beer. Mostly by necessity cause everyone keeps giving me their ingredient kits and my LHBS sells LD Carlson stuff like hot cakes. But what ever path you choose... this forum wont steer you wrong!
  13. I know they are hard to find since MB went to the new refills, But does anyone have the stats for the old HME's?? I threw caution to the wind on my birthday last summer and came up with a High Country Canadian Draft concoction that is still being begged for. (i got one of the international series and lucked out with a can in it) incase your wondering: 1 can HCCD 1lb Briess CBW unhopped LME (pilsen lite) SafeLager w-34/70 11.5grams 1/2 oz Saaz pellet hops. (1/4 oz on 10 min boil and dry hopped the rest) 1 packet of MB booster
  14. I finally took the plunge and went with 2 cans of WM, 1 cp corn sugar, 1/16cp table sugar and used the yeast from under the lids. ended up with 3.8% alc Fermented 7 days , bottled and then warm conditioned for 30 day. has a nice dark golden color and a "tad" on the sweeter side.
  15. Sugar amt question..... Ive used the suggested amount per the MB directions and always end up with beer that carbonates to the mouth feel of a Mt.Dew. Ive used both Cane and Corn sugar. Any suggestions on how to bring it down to a better level. Im using both the standard bottle and the 12 oz PET's.
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