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  1. I can honestly only recall trying 2 ipas, Sam Addams whitewater IPA & another called hazed & infused (don't recall which brewery ) Blorf to both of them
  2. I didn't order this seasonal because normally I don't care for ipa's, but this thread has made me go hmmmmm.
  3. I'm in the fence on this one, the imperial pilsner seasonal was awesome, but I'm not a fan of IPAs.
  4. I'm not a fan of the bannana flavors either, I've found I can avoid them by fermenting at 60°.
  5. You'll definitely want to prop up the front of the LBK with a CD case to keep the trub away from the spicket.
  6. You'll be fine as fsr as carbing goes, a lot of lager brewers secondary ferment for months before bottling, I'd be more concerned about off flavors after sitting on the yeast cake for that long, but having it in the fridge for that time may help.
  7. I always thought the old whitty monk refill tasted a lot like blue moon.
  8. I use the spray bottle method, I've only used Mr beer no rinse cleanser, so no idea on the starsan.
  9. "Youno" post=320891 said: "Bull" post=319812 said:What Dave said. Use the LME or DME instead of the booster. You'll be glad you did. On the subject of using actual malt instead of booster, about how much LME or DME would equate to the amount of alcohol and body added by a packet of booster? A pound of dme would replace the booster.
  10. Oxy clean is used to remove the labels from the bottles, I use a tote filled with warm water & a couple scoops of oxy clean & soak them overnight. Your bottles need to be sanitized prior to bottling, oxy clean won't do that, so you need to use a sanitizing solution such as no rinse cleanser to do that, I just fill my bottles about 1/4 full, put my hand over the top & give them a good shake so the inside gets a good coating, let them set for a few minutes, then bottle.
  11. Puree a can of raspberries in a sanitized blender and add directly to the LBK after primary fermentation (1 week), be sure to prop the front of the LBK up with a CD case to keep the trub away from the spicket. I've also used extract at bottling time.
  12. You want to condition them at the same temp they fremented at, you'll be fine between 62 & 66 degrees, in the summer I'd definitely keep them below 75. Depending on the yeast I usually try to condition mine between 60 & 65.
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