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  1. I agree, this is a pretty awesome hobby. I can't wait to taste my first batch once its done. I'm getting a second kit too so I can have a steady flow of home brews at all times.
  2. ok, thanks for clarifying. I dont wanna do anything that will ruin the flavor of the beer.
  3. FD, is this example right for making a 2 gallon batch in the lbk? also, If I wanted to do the hop boil after steeping grains, I would have to add the malt extracts first, correct?
  4. Hmm, my kids are big fans of rootbeer. I was thinking about just reusing the brown plastic bottles from their rootbeer for extra beer bottles. I'll try trollby's bleach idea.
  5. Haha, when I cooked up my first batch my girlfriend was worried about the fermenter smelling up the kitchen. I just told her if she can deal with my smells, she can deal with my beer's smells, haha. theres really no smell though, unless you practically shove your face into it, lol.
  6. awesome info guys. I am planning to batch prime my second brew, so this was very helpful. And thanks to header for starting the thread.
  7. johnng, how much malto dextrin would you add to a standard 2 gallon batch?
  8. awesome, thanks FedoraDave. I never thought I'd be so into something like this, but its got its hooks in me now. this pace is like an encyclopedia of brew knowledge, haha. Thanks again everyone...
  9. I hear alot of guys talkin about the muntons imperial on here. And at 5 gallons for $24, I'll definitely have to give it a try.
  10. cool, thanks for the input guys. Of course i just wanna make sure I did everything right on this first brew to begin with. could you give some info on the process of steeping grains? I'll probably do the hops boil first, but any extra info is appreciated.
  11. Hi everybody. I'm on my first batch right now, the WCPA. My question is, if I want to progress as a home brewer, what would the next step be? I was thinking about maybe batch priming next time instead of bottle priming like it shows in the kits instructions. No mad scientist stuff, just a new technique to try so I can move forward. Also, what benefit does cold crashing have on the beer? does it improve it in any way, or is doing this just a matter of preferance?
  12. Mmmm, love me some Guinness stout...
  13. Yea definitely man. Good luck with your brew and all your brews to come.
  14. hey cleveland, Im in Northern ohio too and was worried about the same thing. I have my lbk in a cupboard in my kitchen. I had the krausen layer, then good bubbling later on. I was worried that It had gotten too cold Because the activity stopped, but I have a nice thick layer of trub on the bottom of the keg. also some bubbles, but no real activity as of now. I also have a sweatshirt wrapped around the keg to regulate temps. Everything Ive read on here says that as long as you had the krausen at the start and trub on the bottom, your making beer!
  15. Thanks guys for all the welcome messages. JSF, im a big devils fan, so I dig your avatar. and marble, im in north central ohio, near sandusky. Anyway, 2 weeks in the keg it is. I'm looking forward to learning the process and steppin up my brew game. Everyone on here seems to be very helpful. thanks alot all...
  16. Cool thanks man. I only asked cuz it says on the refill for my kit that it makes 2 gallons in about 2 weeks. I'll stick to the 2-2-2 idea. thanks again.
  17. Hey everybody. New guy here from Ohio. Got my kit on Xmas like a lot of others and couldn't wait to fire it up. My brother got it for me, so a few days after christmas me and him cooked up the ingredients and got it in the keg. Now I'm hooked. One question though. I notice alot of you on here say to leave the wort in the fermenter for 2 weeks. Well the instructions for the WCPA that I have says I only need to keep it in there for about 7 days. Is the 2 week time mainly to avoid bottle bombs? or are you just being thorough?
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